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At least we have Michigan State basketball season

To ease the pain from a disappointing football season, at least we have Michigan State basketball to fall back on.

Remember that two-overtime Michigan State basketball win last week against Kentucky? Players stepping up? Beautiful play-calling? A team that fought all through the game?

The absolute opposite happened in Michigan State football’s double-overtime loss to Tom Allen and the Indiana Hoosiers. The past two years, our secondary was the issue and teams could pass on us blindfolded. Indiana finished 2-for-7 passing on the day for a whopping 31 yards. The Hoosiers scored 39 points and gashed MSU on the ground for 257 yards.

While improving as of late, it seems nothing in this world comes without a tradeoff. We couldn’t have tackled a traffic cone. A bowl game was on the line and now it seems like an impossibility.

Despite the final score (39-31), MSU took a 24-7 lead into half. Whatever halftime adjustments or game plan tweaks were made should never be implemented again and instead, should be jammed into couch cushions and burned on Cedar Street.

Elijah Collins, however, deserves his flowers. He was teetering on the transfer portal this past year and stuck it out. He was rewarded with 107 yards on the ground and two touchdowns in what is likely his last game in East Lansing. If he choses to return next year, hopefully an offensive overhaul will be in order. Until then, all we can do is hope for some much-needed change.

The Spartans travel to Happy Valley next week to take on Penn State to finish out the regular season.

It is glaringly obvious that this year’s Deep End was a covert operation for the world’s first underwater circus. The Ringling Bros. should inquire if Spartan Stadium is open this offseason. It seems like a very fitting location for The Greatest Show on Earth.

The only sliver of a silver lining in this imposter of a season is that Keon Coleman and Maliq Carr may join Izzo’s squad earlier than expected. Michigan State tips off late Thanksgiving evening at 10:30 p.m. ET against a 4-0 Alabama Crimson Tide. We’re a basketball school anyways, right?

Go Green.

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