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The Draymond Green-Jordan Poole altercation should surprise no one

The Draymond Green and Jordan Poole incident is not a surprise to anyone who knows these two guys’ personalities.

This rivalry truly never sleeps. Former Spartan Draymond Green and former Wolverine Jordan Poole were reportedly involved in an altercation on Wednesday at practice, leading to the former to “forcefully” strike the latter.

Not good.

But this should come as no surprise. Draymond has always been an outspoken and confrontational player. That’s just the way he operates and his teammates know it and love him for it — for the most part.

Wednesday’s altercation was a step too far. He probably shouldn’t have struck Poole, but this felt like a relationship that was going to boil over at some point. Heck, it’s even been reported by Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports that the two have a “history.”

Surprised? Me neither.

Both Poole and Draymond have strong personalities. They love to talk and when push comes to shove, neither is willing to back down.

So when a confrontation happened at practice (a normal occurrence), Draymond probably should have gotten his words in and walked away. But when the young star didn’t shy away from the verbal battle and the two got up in each other’s faces, Draymond reached his breaking point.

Again, this shouldn’t be shocking.

Two strong personalities on the same team almost always clash. It might seem like a really bad move for team chemistry, but you have to believe the two sides will be just fine. This isn’t the first time either has gotten heated with a teammate and it won’t be the last. It’s the nature of the game.

Draymond shouldn’t have done what he did, but it seems like this altercation was inevitable.

Haynes reported that Poole’s behavior was changing throughout camp. Was it because he was going to get a huge payday? Possibly, but Poole has never been a modest guy.

Anyone who knows Draymond knows that he’s a heck of a leader and often takes matters into his own hands. Sometimes it goes too far and this is just one of those cases.

Has it happened before? Probably. Will it happen again? Hopefully not to this extent, but probably.

Discipline will come for Draymond (as it should), both sides will reconcile, and the Warriors will probably be better off for it and contend for another NBA title.

I’m actually surprised this altercation between the two didn’t happen earlier.

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