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Michigan State Basketball: Best player comparison for Coen Carr

Coen Carr is one of the best athletes to commit to Michigan State basketball in some time. Which former Spartan does he compare to?

Jason Richardson.
Shannon Brown.
Branden Dawson.
Adreian Payne.
Miles Bridges.
Jaren Jackson Jr.
Coen Carr?

That could soon be the list of the super-athletes to come through Michigan State basketball under Tom Izzo if all goes as planned.

On Tuesday night, Carr committed to Michigan State over Tennessee, Indiana, and Vanderbilt.

Carr is an explosive athlete who has the ability to step out and hit the occasional three or mid-range jumper. He excels in the fast break and he’s an excellent alley-oop specialist. He’s not just a slasher, but he can get some air with no running start. Carr has plenty of highlights just grabbing rebounds and going right up over a couple of defenders for an impressive two-handed jam.

Standing 6-foot-7 and 200 pounds, Carr can get up with the best of them and might even be considered the best athlete in the class. He’s a violent dunker and will put plenty of defenders on posters while donning the green and white.

So which former Spartan does he compare to?

I’ve said this since the first highlight I saw of him: Branden Dawson.

It may seem a bit lazy since Dawson and Carr have slightly different strengths, but in terms of being athletes, both are very similar. Plus, Dawson was 6-foot-6 and 200 pounds coming in as a freshman and Carr is an inch taller and the same weight. Both have strong builds and while Dawson may have been a bit more compact, Carr is every bit as intimidating physically.

Dawson was a great fast-break player and could run the floor really well, defend in the post or on the wing, and rebound at a high level. Carr can also do those things exceptionally well.

Dawson wasn’t an effective shooter and never really grew into that mid-range role that Izzo wanted, but Carr has more potential in that category. He has shown the ability to step out and hit jumpers.

If Carr is anything like Dawson, Michigan State is going to flourish.

Now that Carr has committed, Michigan State has a Dawson-like player, Jaren Jackson Jr.-like player (Xavier Booker), Matt McQuaid-type player (Gehrig Normand), and a Cassius Winston-lite (Jeremy Fears).

Not a bad class, eh?

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