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Draymond Green-Jordan Poole situation pours gasoline on rivalry

After seeing the video of the Draymond Green punch of Jordan Poole, the Michigan State vs. Michigan rivalry has been ignited.

Just when you think you might not make it until Oct. 29 as a Michigan or Michigan State fan because of the endless trolling and trash talking, Draymond Green goes out and adds fuel to the fire.

Reports earlier this week stated that Draymond (former Spartan) “forcibly struck” Jordan Poole (former Wolverine) at practice. The two had to be separated after the hit.

It was one of those “but why?” situations that kind of confused people but it was just a matter of time before those two strong personalities clashed.

Everyone kind of moved on after getting some Michigan-MSU trash talk in.

Until Friday when TMZ released the footage of the incident and it was likely worse than people thought.

As you can see, Draymond and Poole look to be talking trash to each other. Green took offense to something Poole said and got up in his face. That escalated the situation and then Poole shoved Draymond which sent him over the edge. Green responded by right-hooking Poole in the face.

Obviously not a great move and something no one is condoning, despite some trolling.

But all this practice altercation behind closed doors did was pour gasoline on a fire that had been lit in the offseason. Ever since Michigan hoisted that Big Ten title trophy, the rivalry has been a ticking time bomb. And waiting until the end of October to have the two teams settle it on the field has been exhausting on social media. The two fanbases just simply cannot get along.

And all Draymond did was make it worse.

Obviously this is much bigger than MSU vs. Michigan, but the effect it has had on the rivalry has been immeasurable. Fans taking sides (Draymond wasn’t in the right here), double standards being set (Juwan Howard wasn’t in the right when he struck an opposing coach), and hatred being spewed from both sides.

Who would have thought that an NBA practice fight would have made this rivalry so much more intense?

Folks, the Michigan vs. Michigan State rivalry is alive and (un)well.

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