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How to join Michigan State vs Akron watch party live stream

Looking for a place to watch the Michigan State vs Akron game online? We’re setting up a watch party for Spartan fans.

What better way to watch the Michigan State vs Akron game on Saturday from your own home than to tune in to the second edition of the Spartan Shadows watch party?

A week ago, dozens of Spartan fans tuned in to watch the MSU vs Western Michigan game via the watch party, and no one regretted it — I think.

So now we’re going to do another one for the Michigan State vs Akron game.

Once again, I won’t be at the game because I’m still trying to get rid of these COVID-19 symptoms so why not watch the game with some of my closest virtual friends?

Come join me and watch the game while Michigan State (hopefully) runs up the score on Akron.

How do you join the watch party?

Click the link to join my watch party room on Playback. After you click that link, you just need to create an account (don’t worry, it’s free), add an avatar (if you want), and enter your TV provider credentials so I can legally stream the game to you. The game will stream off of your own cable service, but Playback ensures that everyone is synced up and no one is seeing the action before everyone else.

After you do all of this, you’re automatically considered a “member” of the Spartan Shadows stream and you can bookmark that tab so all you have to do for every stream is click and you’re good to go.

You only need to do this one time so if you join the Michigan State vs Akron watch party, you’re golden for the rest of the season. Just click the link to my room and either celebrate — or suffer — with me.

So, to recap:

  • Click the link to my room: Spartan Shadows on Playback
  • Create a free account with an avatar (optional)
  • Enter your TV provider info
  • Have the time of your life in the first-ever Spartan Shadows watch party

If all goes well with this watch party, we’ll do our best to do one for every single game (that I’m not attending, at least) and maybe some other Big Ten games if we get enough requests. We had 75 people sign up and stop by for the Western Michigan game so it looks like we’re going to keep this going.

This is meant to be fun, cure that FOMO that we will all have on Saturday evening if you’re like me and won’t be in East Lansing, and it’s interactive with a live chat and an option to join the stage (much like Twitter spaces).

What fun is watching a game if you have no one to watch and yell at the TV with? Join me on Saturday night, I promise you won’t regret it.

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