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Mel Tucker needs to take a page from Greg Schiano’s book

Michigan State football coach Mel Tucker needs to take a page from Rutgers’ Greg Schiano’s book and make some changes.

I never thought I’d be saying this, but Mel Tucker needs to take a page from Greg Schiano’s book after yet another disappointing loss.

Like Michigan State, Rutgers is on a losing streak and the Scarlet Knights are looking for answers.

Schiano made a move over the weekend after losing in heartbreaking fashion to Nebraska that probably earned the respect of his fanbase. He fired his offensive coordinator.

Offense has been an issue for the Scarlet Knights all year, averaging just 22.8 points and 334 yards per game as the Cornhuskers have scored just 49 points over the past four games combined.

Rutgers has one of the worst offenses in the Big Ten and Schiano wasn’t afraid to make a move for the better of the program. And it was a move that could ultimately salvage a bowl berth.

Tucker needs to take a page out of his book and make some changes.

And no, I don’t necessarily mean right now, but at least at the end of the year.

Following the loss to Ohio State in which the offense failed to put up 200 total yards and the defense surrendered 600-plus, Tucker voiced his support for his current staff. He said that he didn’t plan on making any changes.

This was a concerning quote. It’s one thing to use coachspeak and say that you’re going to stick with your guys and you’ll evaluate later, but to say “I’m not looking to make any changes to the coaching staff at all” is just wild to me.

Yes, this same coaching staff went 11-2 last year. And yes, these same guys were able to have some success last season, but it’s clear that it’s not going to continue to work. Scottie Hazelton’s defense has been one of the worst in college football for the past two years. Jay Johnson’s offense has regressed drastically.

Changes need to be made.

I know Johnson has shown promise and maybe he gets another shot, but Tucker can’t make the same mistake Mark Dantonio did. He can’t live and die by his assistants.

Sometimes it’s painful to be an elite college football program. Making changes are necessary pain.

As thankful as we are for Hazelton and Johnson through the rough COVID-19 era, both of them can’t continue failing at their jobs and still keep them.

Take a page from Schiano and make the move.

One thought on “Mel Tucker needs to take a page from Greg Schiano’s book

  • Problem with this philosophy is no coach can’t get blood from a stone. MSU has a line that is much worse than last year. They are new to each other, & many hurt in spring practice, there needs to be time for continuity. Mostly, there’s no K. Walker to cover up issues. On defense, they have 5 starters out, three of which were all American watch list players. I think the true measure is do you see growth with the team we do have right now? OSU was a horrible barometer for that. Let’s see how they do in games 7-12. Can they beat Wisky, IN, & Rutgers? Can they compete better against UM, Illy, & PSU. The other factor is personnel on the field. Namely, Tuck & staff’s recruits. A full measure of this team’s progress is really what’s the level of play in ‘24. Will changes in staff be made by then? I believe so.

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