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Mel Tucker has to be honest about the state of Michigan State football

The state of the Michigan State football team this season is not great. But all we ask is that Mel Tucker be honest with us about that.

Three games, three double-digit losses. All is not well with Michigan State football this season and it doesn’t take a diehard fan to realize it.

The team might not make a bowl this season, just one year after going 11-2 with a Peach Bowl win.

And to make matters even worse, the injuries are piling up, the defense has looked awful all year, and the offense is starting to catch whatever the defense has.

Payton Thorne is off to an awful start, the run game has been non-existent, the offensive line hasn’t progressed, and the receivers had their first bad game against Maryland with drops everywhere.

This season feels like 2012 or 2016. Both years were tough to watch and it felt like the team could just never get it together. The good thing about both seasons? They were followed up by 10-plus win years and Big Ten title contention. Can we expect the same? I wouldn’t be shocked to see MSU turn things around drastically next year, and coordinator changes will help that.

But as we sit here the day after a third straight loss to drop below .500, we have to wonder what the coaching staff really thinks behind closed doors. Do these coaches really believe that Michigan State isn’t “super far away” from being good defensively? Is the faith in the coaching staff still there for Mel Tucker? What about the morale in the locker room? Do they think that this is a ‘death by inches’ thing still?

Listening to Tucker and the coordinators speak after losses this season has been quite disheartening. They’re assuming that we can’t read between the lines. We know when things aren’t good because we’ve been here before.

All we ask for is some honesty. No more ‘death by inches’ quotes or ‘we aren’t super far away’ lines. Those don’t work for us. We know they aren’t truthful quotes.

The truth here is this: Michigan State exceeded all expectations last year and had a really strong team. This year, there are talented players everywhere, but the team has taken three steps back. No, this team isn’t going to win out or even be that competitive against Ohio State, maybe not even Michigan, and I’d be surprised if it was a single-digit game at Penn State. The Spartans will be lucky to beat Wisconsin, Illinois, Rutgers, and Indiana to make a bowl.

So the coachspeak is fine when we’re winning and we don’t need answers for anything, but with a losing skid staring us in the face, we just want honesty.

Tucker isn’t one to usually sugarcoat things, so no more telling us that we’re a few plays away from being really good because we have eyes. We know that’s not true.

This defense is an abomination, the offense is horrid, and the special teams have been a disaster. Be honest about it and we’ll appreciate you even more for it.

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  • A great place to start is to have Defensive Coverage within an arm reach of any receiver. Last 3 games I have not seen anyone coverage even close..3rd and 11, 3rd and 18, 3rd and 8 is not even a challenge to opponents. Open receiver each and every time..Only question is how many YAC there will be.

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