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Ranking the Big Ten football, basketball coaching duos for 2022-23

There’s been plenty of debate about which Big Ten football, basketball coaching duo is the best in the conference. Let’s debate.

OK, so now that we’ve established that Mel Tucker and Tom Izzo are the best Big Ten football/basketball coaching duo, let’s get on to the rest of the list.

All jokes aside, this is a debate that’s been raging on Twitter over the past couple of days and it made me want to put in the work to figure out who actually has the best duo and which program — outside of Nebraska — has the worst.

I used my own grading scale to come up with the duo rankings on a scale of 1-100. Really, unless there is no coach, there’s no way you can get lower than a 50. I’ll even be generous and throw Nebraska a 50 for their football program because they’ve been through a lot.

Here’s the scale I’m going off of for each individual coach:

  • 90-100: elite
  • 85-89: borderline elite
  • 80-84: very good
  • 75-79: good
  • 70-74: above average
  • 65-69: new or below average
  • 60-64: interim or bad
  • Under 59: Nebraska

Now that you’ve seen my grading scale, I’ve given each Big Ten football and basketball coach an individual grade, added up the combo for the school, and ranked them accordingly.

Here’s the list, starting with Nebraska at No. 14.

1 23 ... 15NEXT

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