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“You don’t even go there”: Why I decided to become a Michigan State fan

Although I never attended Michigan State and have no concrete ties, here’s why I decided to become a fan of the Spartans.

Everyone has a special connection and love for their school, but mine is a little different.

I’m the weird Michigan State fan, the one who didn’t go to school there, the one who has never had any family go to MSU, and the one who fell in love with Michigan State after a random November football win over Purdue in 2007.

I’m here to answer the question I’ve been asked for 15-plus years: “Why are you a Michigan State fan?”

My parents moved to Michigan after going to school in India, and while they got into the Detroit sports teams for the sake of me and my brother, they didn’t really care about college sports. After all, they had no connection, until that fateful November afternoon.

Most people remember that Purdue game as the first game after Mike Hart’s infamous “little brother” comments and that was the end of any chance I had of becoming a Michigan fan. But for me, the next game is what turned me into a lifelong MSU fan. Watching that team go to Purdue and crush the Boilermakers, end the season with a top 25 win over Penn State and Brian Hoyer throw eight touchdowns in the last three games was the definition of resiliency.

I had liked Michigan State before then (my fandom probably started with the Final Four basketball run in 2005), but that random win on a sunny November afternoon in West Lafayette sparked a lifetime of love and memories for Michigan State.

After that game, my parents — the ones who didn’t care about college sports — were suddenly forced to, after all, my mood for the day would depend on it.

That win was followed by three Final Four trips, lifelong memories, and countless reasons to bleed green and white.

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