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100 things that makes me excited for 2022 Michigan State football

The 2022 Michigan State football season is officially upon us and these are the 100 things that I’m looking forward to.

We’ve finally made it through a long offseason and to the opener as Michigan State football kicks off on Friday night under the lights.

  1. Jayden Reed’s return game
  2. Keon Coleman
  3. Mel Tucker coaching cornerbacks
  4. Night games
  5. Potential new alternates
  6. Jersey reveals
  7. Trash talk on Twitter
  8. Streaming watch parties
  9. The smell of cigars on game day
  10. Spartan Walk
  11. Hype videos
  12. Garbage time touchdowns by backups
  13. Road trips to Big Ten stadiums
  14. Payton Thorne’s passing records
  15. Gloveless Cal Haladay
  16. Transfer portal stars showing out for MSU
  17. Tailgating at 8 a.m.
  18. Yelling “Go Green!” to strangers
  19. Responding with “Go White!” when “Go Green!” is yelled at me
  20. Stumbling to Conrad’s after a win
  21. Losing my voice
  22. Aerial views of Spartan Stadium in the fall
  23. Checking out the Red Cedar but not getting too close
  24. Tossing the pigskin around at the tailgate
  25. Singing the fight song 764 times per game
  26. Jarek Broussard + Jalen Berger combo
  27. Xavier Henderson hits
  28. Xavier Henderson interceptions
  29. Tre Mosley’s sure hands
  30. Mel Tucker quotes
  31. Jayden Reed Moss-ing opponents
  32. Improved defense in all regards
  33. The Brandon Jordan Effect
  34. A rematch with Ohio State at the Woodshed
  35. An entire bye week to prepare for Michigan
  36. The inevitable snow-filled rematch with Penn State in Happy Valley
  37. Bryce Baringer punts
  38. A potential FG kicker controversy
  39. Defensive line dominance thanks to new coaches
  40. Chris Kapilovic’s offensive line finally rounding into shape
  41. Freshman receivers balling out (Gates, Bernard, Henry)
  42. The rise of Maliq Carr
  43. Daniel Barker becoming the best TE since Josiah Price
  44. Coming home to Rutgers and Indiana after a two-game road trip
  45. Being overlooked every single time MSU plays a ranked opponent
  46. Katin Houser throwing his first-ever TD pass in a blowout
  47. Facing Akron in Week 2 for a nice confidence-boost
  48. A chance to own the Big Ten West’s best teams
  49. Elijah Collins’ feel-good touchdowns
  50. Hamp Fay playing some defense
  51. Proving that 2021 was no fluke
  52. The inevitable game-clinching pick
  53. Jacoby Windmon dominance
  54. Aaron Brule being a madman at linebacker
  55. Eric Snow continuing to prove why he’s an all-conference talent
  56. The bounce-back of Ronald Williams
  57. Zeke the Wonderdog
  58. Hearing “It’s a beautiful day foooooor footballlll”
  59. Turning on the radio in the car to hear George Blaha shout “Touchdown, M-S-U!”
  60. Jayson Strayhorn yelling random noises in the booth after a huge play
  61. Shocking the rest of the Big Ten and making it to Indianapolis
  62. Flea-flickers on the first play of the game
  63. Jacob Slade just bullying interior offensive linemen
  64. Charles Brantley picking Cade McNamara off again
  65. Gus Johnson being forced to sound excited when MSU scores a touchdown vs. Michigan
  66. Twitter erupting after an MSU upset win
  67. Paul Bunyan Trophy pictures
  68. Post-win locker room celebration videos
  69. Going into the Michigan game as a top-10 team
  70. Payton Thorne proving he’s better than Cade McNamara
  71. Dragging opponents into the deep water
  72. New Spartan Stadium sound system
  73. Momentum-swinging strip-sacks by the MSU front-seven
  74. Not moving for three hours from my couch while watching an MSU away game
  75. Trying not to talk myself into Heisman hype for 3+ Spartans after Week 1
  76. Screaming “don’t let them get hot” every time MSU scores a touchdown
  77. Kicking off the season on Friday nights of Labor Day weekend
  78. Sharing a drink or five with fellow Spartan fans
  79. Tailgate parties for away games
  80. The uncertainty of every field goal longer than 35 yards
  81. Not having to see short-side jet-sweeps anymore
  82. Scoring points unlike the end of the Mark Dantonio era
  83. Pictures of Mel Tucker and Dantonio together
  84. Tom Izzo hyping up the football team after basketball games
  85. Making the top four in the first College Football Playoff rankings
  86. Lee Corso putting on a Spartan head on College GameDay
  87. Desmond Howard inevitably doubting MSU before a big win
  88. Melting Moments at a football game
  89. High-fiving random strangers after a touchdown
  90. Nervously watching the final drive of a one-score game
  91. Ameer Speed taking over as a lockdown cornerback
  92. Spending way too much money on MSU apparel
  93. Talking myself into a College Football Playoff appearance
  94. Talking myself into an undefeated season after two weeks
  95. Payton Thorne back-shoulder beauties
  96. Jayden Reed touchdown celebrations
  97. Hearing the nickname “Sugar Weasel” to describe Angelo Grose
  98. Seeing the freshmen gain confidence
  99. Brand new starters taking the field in the opener after not hearing about them all offseason
  100. Wins followed by players singing the fight song in the corner of the end zone

What are you most excited about for the upcoming Michigan State football season?

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