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Latest Mel Tucker media hit piece regarding bonus is lazy, unacceptable

Mel Tucker has proven to be a great leader and supporter of his assistant coaches but that’s not what the media wants you to think.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fairly sick and tired of reading negative media about Mel Tucker and Michigan State football.

It has been a growing trend ever since Tucker signed a 10-year, $95 million contract to remain Michigan State’s head coach amid USC and LSU rumors last year. Before he signed the deal, the media was pushing the “Tucker could be a good candidate at X school” narrative and then after the ink dried on the extension, he was suddenly grossly overpaid.

How can a coach go from the hottest commodity to overpaid in the span of weeks?

Well, certain media outlets have narratives to push and that’s apparently going to continue happening for as long as he’s head coach.

In fact, USA Today published an egregious hit piece regarding Tucker’s bonus from the 2021 season. That piece, written by Steve Berkowitz, stated that a FOIA request revealed where bonuses were allocated by Michigan State.

Alan Haller, the athletic director, was given the option to allocate the yearly $100,000 bonus for the football program and he decided it all deserved to go to Mel Tucker.

And apparently, this is a big story.

Sure, Tucker could have decided to split it among the staff, but maybe he chose to do that privately. Or maybe he did something else for his staff with the money. Or maybe — just maybe — it’s no one else’s business what the man does with his money. Why all of a sudden are people worried about a bonus that a man earned from his boss and what he’s doing with it?

It makes no sense.

If Tucker was experiencing another winning season with a New Year’s Six berth in sight, do you think we’d hear about this bonus? Probably not. It’s easy to kick a man when he’s down.

The entirety of the article stated that it was Haller’s decision to give Tucker the bonus but that’s not how it’s being spun on social media. No, it’s apparently Tucker being greedy. His boss awarded him a bonus for an 11-2 season and a New Year’s Six win and he’s greedy for not turning it away.

But hey, this is just going to keep happening. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

I’m not mad at you, USA Today, you’re just the latest to join this trend. I’m just disappointed.

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