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Maliq Carr avoided attempted attack by Michigan student athlete, family member

As he was getting on the team bus, Michigan State tight end Maliq Carr reportedly avoided an attempted attack.

An ugly situation just keeps getting worse and believe me, I’m just as tired of talking about it as you are of hearing about it.

Michigan State tight end Maliq Carr was gearing up to board the team bus after the loss to Michigan and ugly tunnel incident when a member of Gemon Green’s family (another Michigan student-athlete) attempted to attack him, according to a report.

This report made its rounds on social media on Friday afternoon as many Michigan fans were downplaying it and saying it was untrue, but it was later confirmed by Carr’s family that it did, in fact, happen.

While we don’t know the specifics here, it is disappointing to hear that the situation was even worse and there needs to be some accountability on the Michigan side of things as well.

Obviously what happened in the tunnel was uncalled for and unnecessary and those players should be punished accordingly. But to have a student-athlete following the MSU players to their bus and trying to attack them is disappointing.

Jim Harbaugh was quick to say he wasn’t going to accept an apology from Tucker and Michigan State after the tunnel incident and it just feels like the story keeps growing. For him to say that knowing he had people on his side doing shameful things like attempting to attack a player trying to board his team bus shows that he needs to be honest with himself.

Michigan State punished its players immediately following the incident and Harbaugh took no time to say he was going to make sure charges were pressed and that he wouldn’t accept an apology.

It’s time for adults to start acting like adults.

0 thoughts on “Maliq Carr avoided attempted attack by Michigan student athlete, family member

  • Harbaugh is completely clueless,
    Immature and irresponsible. Clearly, one if not two of his players Purposely provoked MSU players as they made their way to the locker room. Yet, no comment from Harbaugh about the reckless behavior of his players. Apparently he condones provoking and antagonizing opposing players. Tucker on the other hand apologized immediately for the heavy handed response by his MSU players.
    Now, the attack on Maliq Carr by another Michigan player and crickets from Harbaugh.
    Just shameful.

  • Attempting is so much different than actually committing the heinous act. The attempt was only after the act on Michigan two players against Michigan state so move along. Try that again what about the two that suffered at the hands of state cause they were hurt. Just like you said time for the kids to become adults Michigan Statw

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