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Michigan State football: It’s time to give Elijah Collins a shot as RB1

After watching him have success every time he’s put into a Michigan State football game, it’s time to give Elijah Collins a real shot.

Another tough loss is in the books for Michigan State football and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to come up with anything nice to say.

But there actually have been some bright spots recently and the Maryland game gave us all one that we could probably each agree on: Elijah Collins deserves more carries.

For the first time in two games, Collins got some carries and actually finished second behind Jalen Berger in touches and still led the team in yards with 36. He added a touchdown and averaged over 7.0 yards per carry.

Collins looked like a much different runner than we saw last year and even in 2020 when he was going through COVID-19 himself.

This run gave us all flashbacks to that 2019 redshirt freshman season when he exploded onto the scene:

Collins immediately saw that there was nothing open up the middle and cut to the left before making two guys miss and crossing the goal-line for the game-tying score.

How did so many quit on this kid after his breakout year in 2019? He struggled with COVID-19 and everyone just jumped ship. And yet he’s been keeping his head down and working.

In just five carries against Maryland, he looked like the best running back MSU has seen in three weeks.

And yet Collins has just 14 carries all season. That needs to change.

Though it’s a small sample size, Collins is leading the team in yards per carry at 6.7 and he has been the most efficient runner. He’s made the most of his limited carries. It’s time to make sure they’re no longer limited.

Collins hasn’t gotten a ton of touches over the past two years and yet he’s been really good when he plays. He averaged 5.7 yards per touch on 18 carries last year and is approaching 200 yards over the past two seasons with three scores on 32 attempts. Not too shabby.

With Berger and Jarek Broussard really struggling to get any momentum in the run game, leading to Michigan State’s offense to become one-dimensional, it’s time to give it some juice with Collins.

We’re at the point in the season where making changes can’t hurt.

Collins would be a positive and welcomed change.

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