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Michigan State Football: Jacoby Windmon is this year’s portal superstar

Kenneth Walker III was a revelation for Michigan State football last season and this year, it looks like the portal star is Jacoby Windmon.

The season opener in 2021 immediately showed who Michigan State football’s best player was.

Kenneth Walker III burst onto the scene and took over on the offensive side of the ball, rushing for 264 yards and four touchdowns. It was obvious that he was that dude and he was going to be for the entirety of his first season in the green and white.

One game into the 2022 season, we may already know who’s filling that role of transfer portal superstar: Jacoby Windmon.

Throughout the Western Michigan game, it was clear that Windmon just had that it factor. He dominated on the defensive line after moving to end from linebacker, picking up four sacks and making a living in the backfield all night long.

Windmon used what he learned from Brandon Jordan this offseason and had four sacks and seven total tackles and really made life difficult on the Western Michigan offensive line.

For the second straight year, the Spartans have found a superstar in the transfer portal.

Windmon impressed everyone with his dominant performance and was named the Walter Camp Player of the Week on the defensive side of the ball.

Reese’s Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy loved what he saw from the UNLV transfer, posting a thread on Twitter with some of his best plays from the opening win over Western.

The senior edge rusher had four sacks, a forced fumble, and numerous pressures. His “ghost” move was nearly unblockable by the Broncos and he utilized his speed and athleticism to really blow by would-be blockers without getting touched. Windmon looks like a budding superstar on defense.

And Michigan State football is going to benefit from this massive breakout. On one end, there’s Khris Bogle, in the middle are Simeon Barrow and Jacob Slade, and on the other edge is Windmon. Michigan State’s starting defensive line is top-three in the Big Ten with ease.

Mel Tucker really dipped into the portal and landed the nation’s best running back and then one of the best pass rushers in back-to-back years. This man is a portal genius.

Buy all the stock in Windmon now before it’s too expensive.

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