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Michigan State Football: The Mel Tucker era is officially under a microscope

It’s been a rough season for Michigan State football and Mel Tucker’s latest loss puts his tenure under a microscope.

It was hard to not have expectations with Michigan State football. They were coming off an 11-2 season that included a win over Michigan and a New Year’s Six Bowl win.

As a fan, I thought Mel Tucker had arrived as one of the premier head coaches in college football. I bought in to the ‘chop life’ and all the other cheesy sayings.

As the season has rolled along, my expectations have dwindled. I accepted that I was naïve thinking they’d net the same results without Kenneth Walker III in the backfield.

I was naïve thinking they’d be able to compete at the top of the Big Ten with the talent level they have.

After a 3-5 start and being outclassed on the field by many teams, bowl eligibility didn’t seem possible.

Going on the road and beating a really good Illinois team was a pleasant surprise. Suddenly, the path to bowl eligibility was there.

Take care of business against two programs facing an identity crisis. Then you have a chance to go to Happy Valley with a chance to upset a top-15 Penn State team.

That feeling came to a screeching halt today. As a fan, I haven’t felt this dead inside since the 2016 season.

I’ll accept a lot of things.

I’ll accept that Tucker needs time to get his recruits on the field. I’ll accept the talent level of the current team isn’t that great. I’ll accept a step back.

I won’t accept blowing a 17-point lead in the second half to a 3-7 Indiana team. I won’t accept a coaching staff that essentially took their headsets off halfway through a game. I won’t accept mismanagement of a clock from a head coach that’s getting paid over $9 million a year. I won’t accept a kicking game that’s worse than a JV high school football team.

This game gave me John L. Smith-era vibes. That’s a category you don’t want to be in with this fanbase.

Tucker is officially under a microscope. Excuses are done.

Cute slogans and re-branding a program only goes so far. Talking about being a big-time program only goes so far.

The reality is that talk is cheap. Results on the field matter. Getting to a bowl game matters.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be watching Michigan State with a much different perspective going forward.

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  • Yeah, the weight lands on Tuck. The main problem is the players have to play. The QB should not throw a ball high to an open guy in over time. The kicker didn’t need to kick the ball straight a head instead of hooking it left. Players play the game not the coach.

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