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Michigan State football: Offense is just as concerning as defense

After yet another blowout loss, it’s clear that the offense is just as concerning as the defense for Michigan State football.

Another game, another disappointing Michigan State football performance.

And this time, it wasn’t just one single position group that looked bad. It was all of them.

To be fair, everyone expected Ohio State to beat the Spartans and for the game to not be particularly close. But for both sides of the ball to look as incompetent as they did against the Buckeyes was just unacceptable.

Sure, we expected Ohio State to score almost at will because the defense had looked bad all year, but the offense didn’t even show up. The line couldn’t block or open any holes and Payton Thorne took way too many sacks. To make matters even worse, the special teams even let the Spartans down with a missed extra point — the second straight week with an extra point gaffe.

And I’ll be honest, I’ve been hard on Scottie Hazelton because I believe he deserves the criticism (he did just give up over 600 yards to Ohio State) but Jay Johnson does not deserve a pass.

The offense looked horrid against the Buckeyes and it wasn’t like the defense was suffocating.

Michigan State rushed for seven (!!) yards on 20 carries and it had 195 passing yards with two touchdowns — one by Thorne and one by Noah Kim. It was just a nightmare of a game.

While Kim did come in and show flashes yet again, leading the team to a late touchdown on 6-of-10 passing for 82 yards, it just wasn’t enough to make anyone feel better. The offense couldn’t muster 200 yards on 48 plays against the Buckeyes.

Meanwhile, Ohio State had 614 yards on 74 plays. The time of possession was skewed again because the offense couldn’t put any drives together and the defense couldn’t get third-down stops.

Jayden Reed had a good game and so did Tre Mosley, but we’ve seen guys like Keon Coleman, Daniel Barker, and Maliq Carr disappear for weeks now. This is an alarming trend.

Thorne, too, has regressed drastically and looks like a shell of himself.

Michigan State’s offense is nowhere near blameless anymore and both Johnson and Hazelton should be coaching for their jobs in the final six games.

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