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Michigan State football: QB battle should be wide-open to end season

Payton Thorne revealed he hasn’t been 100 percent this season, but Michigan State football’s quarterback battle should open back up.

Following yet another disappointing loss and so-so performance offensively against Ohio State, Michigan State football fans quickly jumped on Payton Thorne.

And for good reason.

Thorne just wasn’t living up to his end of the bargain which was leading Michigan State to another successful season as a veteran leader. He was failing as the team’s QB1.

Looking at the numbers, it was easy to say he’s been a weak link on offense, but he did admit on Monday what we had all suspected for weeks: he’s been playing through an injury.

I think that’s the most frustrating part of this whole thing. He knew he was hurt, the coaching staff knew he was hurt, and yet he still remained the starter and seemingly crushed his confidence.

We’ve seen this movie before.

Flash it back to 2018 when Brian Lewerke was clearly playing with an injury and he decided to play through it rather than the coaching staff telling him no. It ended up messing with his confidence and he wasn’t quite the same as he was a year prior when he broke out.

Very similar situation here with Thorne.

Yes, his completion percentage is the highest of his career, but he’s thrown seven interceptions and just nine touchdowns in six games. He’s making some freshman mistakes and he’s been pressing too much.

The staff should have made the executive decision and sat him while he healed up. Now, the team is just out of sync.

Thorne went on to say that he needs to play better, and he’s right. He should be facing an open quarterback competition to end the season as his ‘not 100 percent’ play is just not cutting it. Noah Kim and Katin Houser deserve a legit chance of winning the job.

If Thorne is healthier and proves to be the best option, then I’m happy with that. If it’s Kim or Houser, you have to make the change if you’re Mel Tucker.

Look, I’ve been one of the biggest Thorne supporters out there, but if he’s not healthy, he shouldn’t be playing.

Time to open up the job for the best option for the future of Michigan State football.

One thought on “Michigan State football: QB battle should be wide-open to end season

  • Very similar situation at CMU. They need to let one of the other QBs have a shot; they couldn’t do any worse than Richardson!

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