Payton Thorne

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Payton Thorne is truly one of us on his Michigan State football off days

Payton Thorne is entering his second year as Michigan State football’s QB1 and on his off days, he’s just like everyone else.

What do you like to do on your day off from work or school? Hang out with friends, play a relaxing sport or partake in a hobby, and then maybe go out to eat so you don’t have to cook? If this sounds like you, you and Payton Thorne are more alike than you think.

Last week, Thorne opened up to Whistle about what he does on his days off in their ‘Days Off’ original series and it’s cool to see how down-to-earth the Spartans’ QB1 really is.

College athletes don’t get many days off, but Thorne relishes the opportunity for a break and he still doesn’t stop working even when the pads are off.

Take a look at a day in the life of Thorne off the field:

Like a lot of us, Thorne doesn’t quite take a full day off as he gets a light throwing session in to hone his craft. He got some tosses in with Jayden Reed before heading to his (presumed) favorite restaurant Hopcat to have his own burger which he got to create thanks to an NIL deal. After dinner, maybe he has a Melting Moments ice cream sandwich (I know you’re probably craving one right now, too) which features himself on the box.

Look, if my face was on an ice cream sandwich wrapper, I’d probably eat one every day. The same goes for a burger named after me.

Some people unwind after a jampacked day off with a fun hobby and — guess what? — that’s exactly what Thorne loves to do. He likes to hit the driving range and tee off for a little bit to really ease his mind after probably thinking about football for the other 23 hours in a day.

Thorne really is just like one of us on our days off, minus the multiple NIL deals.

He spoke about his father a little as well and the fact that he’s looking forward to facing him in the season opener. Being on opposing sides will be a new feel for him but one that he welcomes.

Oh, and learning that Thorne is named after Walter Payton is pretty cool.

Whistle does a really good job in this ‘Days Off’ original series and hopefully this isn’t the last Spartan they follow because who doesn’t like to see what their favorite players are doing on off days?

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