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Scottie Hazelton’s post-Minnesota quotes are disappointing

Listening to Scottie Hazelton speak to the media on Tuesday afternoon was actually way more disappointing than I had expected.

Scottie Hazelton has come under some fire this season, and for good reason.

The Michigan State defensive coordinator has just allowed 500-plus yards of total offense for the second straight game. Also for the second straight game, he allowed a quarterback to have a career game.

While this may happen to defensive coordinators on occasion, it’s been a running theme for Hazelton as he had the nation’s worst pass defense last year and it’s somehow worse this year.

His defense did not force a single punt against Minnesota last week, and that’s flat-out unacceptable.

It’s been time for him to answer questions about his poor coaching through two seasons and lack of adjustments made after the Washington loss.

Luckily for us, he was put in front of the media to answer questions on Tuesday.

Unlucky for us, he didn’t give anyone the answers they wanted to hear.

Obviously the questions being brought up were about how poorly the defense has looked and what kind of fixes can be made. And Hazelton made kind of a head-scratching statement:

This defense isn’t super far away? Does he actually believe that or is this coachspeak? I honestly don’t know what I’d prefer. Maybe he does see the fixes that need to be made but why are the results to these issues so drastically awful? If this is just coachspeak, that’s concerning because how dumb does he think we are as a fanbase?

We watched as a veteran quarterback who hasn’t had a good season in 2-3 years had a career day against the Spartans with as many touchdown passes as incompletions. Before that, we saw as a quarterback who hadn’t started in two years because of an injury torched MSU’s secondary for nearly 400 yards. Oh, and they had film of Michael Penix against this defense already.

No changes were made from one debacle to the next.

That quote was as confusing as it was disappointing to hear.

And here’s the second quote that spiked my blood pressure this afternoon:

If you watched the Washington tape and noticed what you needed to do better, why didn’t the necessary fixes happen? Why did nothing change?

Oh, and the “death by inches” quote would make sense if the Spartans were losing games in heartbreaking fashion. They’re not. This is what you call demoralizing fashion.

Hazelton’s poor job over the past two seasons have placed added pressure on the offense and we’ve seen what the result of that is — it’s not good.

If you’re like me, you see these quotes and are left shaking your head. Maybe he does have the fixes in mind. Maybe he’s close to figuring it out.

My question is this: why hasn’t it happened after the previous dozen defensive debacles?

0 thoughts on “Scottie Hazelton’s post-Minnesota quotes are disappointing

  • They seem to be walking around in a fog with no idea and a lot of coach speak going on. This is going on 4 years of crap defense with no measureable improvement at any level. This is a combination of talent and scheme. Cant change talent, can change scheme and reaction. Time to change this bland thinking or time to go Scotty.

  • What is wrong with using the standard 4,3,4 defense? It would seem changes to the defense needs to happen. Change something before it’s too late and you lose the team.

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