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Michigan State football: Positive development in push for Dante Moore?

Michigan State football is in pursuit of Dante Moore and a recent development seems to be positive for the Spartans’ chances.

When you think about Arizona State, nothing good comes to mind as a Michigan State football fan. Heck, even Spartan hoops has been tormented by the Sun Devils.

The Sun Devils stole two wins from the Spartans on the gridiron in 2018 and 2019 and then swiped the commitment of five-star center Enoch Boakye on the hardwood a couple of years ago.

But Arizona State is slowly earning its way back into the hearts of MSU fans.

Not only did the Sun Devils beat Michigan hoops by a million last week, but the football program might be doing some major assisting for Michigan State in the recruiting landscape.

In fact, a recent 247Sports report went public, stating that Oregon offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham has been engaged in talks with the Sun Devils for the head coaching job. In case you aren’t familiar with how this helps Michigan State, Dillingham is one of the main reasons Dante Moore committed to Oregon in the first place. Losing him would definitely hurt the Ducks’ hopes of holding on to his pledge.

Sure, Moore could opt to stick with Oregon regardless of Dillingham leaving or staying, but with Michigan State ramping up the pressure on him, this development is a positive one for the Spartans.

If Dillingham does take the Arizona State job, which seems likely as it’s his alma mater, the Spartans could dial up the pressure once again.

Either way, this Arizona State interest is helping Michigan State. The fit for Dillingham is a good one at Arizona State because he knows the program and he’s also one of the most brilliant offensive minds in the country. He’s arguably the hottest coordinator-to-head-coach name right now.

Finally, the Sun Devils are doing something that doesn’t require ripping the hearts from Michigan State fans.

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