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Michigan State football: Trust Mel Tucker’s recruiting process

Michigan State football landed a four-star linebacker on Sunday night and is trending for a number of top targets.

Remember when Clay Wedin decommitted from Michigan State football because he wanted to play closer to home and fans were starting to panic?

Then Kedrick Reescano decommitted after weeks of speculation following a huge rankings boost and increased interest from other programs. Shortly after that, Bo Edmundson and the Spartans parted ways as it had been rumored for weeks that the two sides were no longer on the same page.

Panic ran rampant throughout the fanbase and this was all while the Spartans were dealing with a losing season and suspensions stemming from the tunnel incident after the Michigan game.

The spotlight was on Mel Tucker and there was talk that he was losing recruits because of the product he was putting out there. I had argued that this wasn’t quite the case but fans were still hitting the panic button left and right.

Now, during a two-game winning streak and in the middle of winning three out of four, Tucker’s program has gotten recruiting juice back.

No, it’s not just because the Spartans are winning, but that certainly doesn’t hurt when recruits are in attendance at these games. It’s also because Michigan State has been consistent. Tucker’s recruiting approach hasn’t changed and he probably expected some attrition and he’s responded perfectly.

There was no panic, just a “let’s get to work” attitude after losing three important commitments.

It’s paid off nicely as there was a report that Michigan State is throwing its hat back into the race for five-star quarterback Dante Moore and the Spartans also landed four-star linebacker Jayvant Brown on Sunday night. Brown held offers from some of the nation’s top programs and committed to MSU after a visit this past weekend.

That’s how you prove that recruiting — and the program as a whole — will be just fine.

On top of the Moore interest, Michigan State is in the running for five-star lineman Samson Okunlola, and is trending for three-star 2023 receiver Morgan Pearson, four-star 2024 defensive lineman Xadavien Sims, and five-star 2024 defensive lineman David Stone.

Losing guys like Reescano and Wedin stings, but Tucker has a plan and he’s proven in the recruiting landscape that you need to trust his process.

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