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Michigan State Football: Stanton Ramil’s commitment was a record-breaker

Stanton Ramil made a lot of Michigan State football fans in East Lansing very happy while simultaneously ripping out some orange hearts from the city of Knoxville on Monday night.

The four-star offensive tackle from Alabama committed to Michigan State over Tennessee and Penn State, making him the highest-rated offensive line pledge of the Mel Tucker era.

After all of the offensive line misses over the past few weeks, this was a breath of fresh air.

And it was a record-breaking commitment.

Justin Thind of 247Sports did his own research and revealed some interesting information that should have every Spartan fan drinking gallons of green Kool-Aid.

Michigan State now has the most four-stars in a single class in school history and — checks notes — it’s only August. Just an unbelievable stat.

Not only was this endlessly impressive, reeling a four-star offensive tackle out of SEC country when Tennessee felt like it was the leader in his recruitment, but it also showed that Chris Kapilovic is still one of the most respected OL coaches in the business. Despite missing out on Chase Bisontis, Payton Kirkland, likely Miles McVay, and also more than like Samson Okunlola, he didn’t buckle and stayed consistent with Ramil. He didn’t flinch when former coaches may have.

Ramil is the 10th four-star in Michigan State’s 2023 class and while that’s almost unheard of in East Lansing, it’s also becoming the new norm under Tucker.

Want an even better example of how impressive these 10 four-stars in one class are? Michigan State had just nine total four-stars committed to the 2017 through 2020 classes under Mark Dantonio. Tucker just did more in one class (his third at MSU) than Dantonio did in his final four.

I’m going to avoid any Dantonio slander here because he’s a Michigan State legend and he gave us some of the most memorable years in program history, but Tucker’s recruiting blows his out of the water.

The 2023 class is up to 13 commitments now with Ramil becoming official and there are about four months until early signing day. I would wager a guess that Michigan State aims for at least 20 signees in the class but with the portal as an option, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was less in the early period.

It’s been one of the best weeks to be a Spartan in a long time.

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