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3 reasons you should be excited for Michigan State Wrestling

Although it’s not one of the major sports nor is it widely celebrated, you should be excited about Michigan State wrestling.

Many Spartan fans may not be familiar with Michigan State wrestling, but I’m here to tell you why you should be excited about this program.

Believe in Roger Chandler

Let’s be honest. You probably don’t follow MSU wrestling because it’s been dormant in the Big Ten for such a long time. Well, now’s a good time to hop on the bandwagon.

Roger Chandler has been developing this program for several years now, and this is the year it’s all supposed to come together. At its highest point last season, MSU was ranked No. 15 in the country, and giving programs that are wrestling royalty pretty big headaches. En route to a 10-4 campaign in 2021-22, State finished first in the Navy classic, knocked off No. 12 Purdue, No. 14 Rutgers, and ended the season with a senior night victory over No. 21 Central Michigan.

Chandler is building something, and two guys, in particular, are leading the charge.

The leadership

In every sport, you need good leaders on your team, and wrestling is no different. These two seniors are heading the rebuild of MSU wrestling, and they’re performing in a big way.

At the 133-pound weight class is No. 9-ranked Rayvon Foley. He’s a sixth-year senior, and after a disappointing NCAA tournament, he’s back with a vengeance, starting off the season 2-0, including a 19-4 tech fall victory over Jackson Sichelstiel.

The 197-pounder for MSU is No. 16-ranked Cam Caffey. A fifth-year senior, Caffey has been a mainstay for MSU over his career, and he picked up his 100th win, a very rare and coveted achievement in college wrestling, with a beautiful hip toss that led to the pin against Davidson last weekend. He is also coming into this weekend 2-0.

These are the guys MSU is going to lean on this season. All very explosive and elite wrestlers, look for these guys to make a splash on their final season as Spartans.

Taking care of business

When you wrestle inferior opponents, you have to take care of business. And that’s exactly what the Spartans did last weekend. Beating Davidson and Presbyterian by a combined score of 98-3, MSU rolled, only losing one match the entire time.

Chandler said it best: “It’s just a continuation of what we told our guys ahead of the season: set the tone for your season, look to go out and score points and make a statement. By in large, most of our guys did that tonight. They were looking to score points. They were offensive. All of the points that we scored came offensively, not defensively, which is great. The outcome of the dual was in large part due to bonus points, and in the end, I give our guys a lot of credit for achieving that.”

And set the tone they did. The 52-0 victory against Davidson is the largest margin of victory in MSU wrestling history, which included six (!!!) pins. State has been rolling, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

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