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Andrew Depaepe doing some Dante Moore recruiting of his own

Four-star Michigan State defensive end commit Andrew Depaepe is taking it upon himself to recruit Dante Moore.

A couple of weeks ago, Justin Thind of The Athletic and 247Sports reported that Michigan State football was going to gauge interest in Dante Moore once again.

Mel Tucker had to know that Oregon offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham was a favorite to land the Arizona State job and that was Moore’s leading recruiter before he committed to the Ducks. Their relationship was a big reason why he picked Oregon over schools like Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan State.

So being proactive could help Michigan State’s chances since Dillingham is officially off to Arizona State. Heck, someone even noticed that Moore deleted his commitment post on Instagram this week.

That was an interesting development in this recruitment and now that his senior season with Detroit King is officially in the books, it’s about to heat up.

Tucker is going to put the full-court press on, but so are some of his own recruits.

In fact, four-star defensive line commit Andrew Depaepe has taken it upon himself to do some recruiting of Dante Moore.

You have to love the dedication here. He’s a recruit himself and yet he’s out here trying to make sure Michigan State can get Moore to campus.

And this is just what we see publicly. Depaepe could be doing some more recruiting behind the scenes, getting in Dante’s ear about a visit to East Lansing.

It feels like there’s a long way to go in this recruitment but since Moore’s season is officially done and he’s a state champ, he can focus on his future college.

Will he stay with Oregon despite Dillingham moving on? It’s possible and even likely, but Michigan State isn’t going down without a fight, especially if Deapepe and the rest of the 2023 class have something to say about it.

Michigan State got itself a heck of a recruiter in Depaepe and, heck, he’s a pretty good defensive lineman, too.

Let’s hope his Dante Moore recruiting pays off.

dante moore

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Michigan State football: Two more interesting developments in Dante Moore pursuit

There have been two more interesting developments in Michigan State football’s pursuit of Dante Moore that could help the Spartans.

Wrapping up his senior season with a state title at Detroit (Mich.) King, Dante Moore can now put all of his focus directly on one thing: the future. If it were up to Michigan State football fans, he’d opt to stay home and play for the Spartans instead of heading out west to grace the Oregon program. He’s a program-changing prospect and will have an immediate impact wherever he goes.

Every Spartan fan is hoping it’s East Lansing.

Moore has been committed to Oregon since July, joining the new coaching regime in Eugene. Dan Lanning and Kenny Dillingham did a fantastic job of courting him and it felt like it was the perfect fit. But then a new report alluded to a potential change of plans.

Following the decommitment of Bo Edmundson, Justin Thind of 247Sports and The Athletic reported that Michigan State was going to reach out to Moore again.

The Spartans were heavily involved in his recruitment originally before Edmundson committed.

Now that they’re looking for a quarterback again, Moore has slid to the top of the board. And Mel Tucker isn’t going down without a fight.

He’s been helped by the Arizona State interest of Dillingham, the offensive coordinator who recruited Moore to Oregon. That was a development that seemed to sway the momentum a bit in the Spartans’ direction last week.

Since then, there have been two more positive developments for the “Moore to MSU” crowd.

First, Dillingham and Arizona State have officially agreed upon a deal and he’ll be leaving Oregon after one year for the desert. Moore wished him well on social media and it just felt like the two had an undeniable connection that only a new job would break.

It’s doubtful that Moore would head to Arizona State given the program’s current state, but you never know when it comes to recruiting relationships.

The second interesting development has been the deletion of a certain commitment post on Instagram by Moore. According to Matthew Lounsberry of SI.com, people noticed that his commitment post was no longer on his Instagram as of Monday, leading some to believe that a decommitment could be on the horizon.

Obviously this is all speculation, but it’s interesting timing, to say the least.

Michigan State is going to make this last push for Moore to see where it stands and if the Spartans can get him to campus before signing day, they’ll be in great shape. That’s a big if right now.

dante moore

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Michigan State football: Positive development in push for Dante Moore?

Michigan State football is in pursuit of Dante Moore and a recent development seems to be positive for the Spartans’ chances.

When you think about Arizona State, nothing good comes to mind as a Michigan State football fan. Heck, even Spartan hoops has been tormented by the Sun Devils.

The Sun Devils stole two wins from the Spartans on the gridiron in 2018 and 2019 and then swiped the commitment of five-star center Enoch Boakye on the hardwood a couple of years ago.

But Arizona State is slowly earning its way back into the hearts of MSU fans.

Not only did the Sun Devils beat Michigan hoops by a million last week, but the football program might be doing some major assisting for Michigan State in the recruiting landscape.

In fact, a recent 247Sports report went public, stating that Oregon offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham has been engaged in talks with the Sun Devils for the head coaching job. In case you aren’t familiar with how this helps Michigan State, Dillingham is one of the main reasons Dante Moore committed to Oregon in the first place. Losing him would definitely hurt the Ducks’ hopes of holding on to his pledge.

Sure, Moore could opt to stick with Oregon regardless of Dillingham leaving or staying, but with Michigan State ramping up the pressure on him, this development is a positive one for the Spartans.

If Dillingham does take the Arizona State job, which seems likely as it’s his alma mater, the Spartans could dial up the pressure once again.

Either way, this Arizona State interest is helping Michigan State. The fit for Dillingham is a good one at Arizona State because he knows the program and he’s also one of the most brilliant offensive minds in the country. He’s arguably the hottest coordinator-to-head-coach name right now.

Finally, the Sun Devils are doing something that doesn’t require ripping the hearts from Michigan State fans.

dante moore

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Does Michigan State football have a legit shot with 5-star QB Dante Moore?

Michigan State football is reportedly circling back with five-star quarterback Dante Moore. Is there a legit chance here?

Bo Edmundson and Michigan State football have officially parted ways and now the Spartans will be looking to replace him in the 2023 class.

Quarterbacks are tough to come by, especially elite ones, but a familiar name has emerged over the past 24 hours: Dante Moore, a five-star from Detroit.

Andrew Ivins of 247Sports held a Twitter space on Thursday afternoon and spoke about Justin Thind’s recent article about the Spartans re-entering the Moore sweepstakes.

And he had plenty of insight into the recruitment and even said he was buying the smoke.

“I think he is the most Day 1 ready prospect at the quarterback position in the class,” 247Sports national recruiting analyst Cooper Petagna said.

Petagna went on to say that Moore is good enough to change an entire program. He’s talented enough to have an immediate impact.

“This would completely change the fabric and the dynamic of the Big Ten,” Petagna said. “Even putting him at Michigan State is huge.”

Petagna went on to say he was buying the smoke from this report by Thind. He said he thinks Michigan State will throw everything it has at Moore to try and flip him. Hearing that some of the top recruiting experts in the business aren’t laughing off this report and believe Mel Tucker is the kind of guy who can pull off this move is refreshing.

But honestly, unless Oregon’s offensive coordinator, Kenny Dillingham, gets an offer to be a coach somewhere else and takes it, I think Dante sticks with his commitment.

Ivins and Petagna did say that there’s a chance Dillingham could entertain other offers which would allow another team to swoop in on Dante. Michigan State would have to be a legit threat in that scenario.

It doesn’t hurt Michigan State to throw its name back into the ring and see where it stands with Moore. If he says “thanks but no thanks,” you have to just move on to the next, no harm, no foul. Conversely, if he says that he’d like to see what Michigan State has to offer (NIL-wise and depth chart-wise), you’re at least making him think twice about a commitment.

This is just a smart move by Tucker since he knew he would be moving on from Edmundson, so why not go after the quarterback who was No. 1 on your board in the first place? Plus, he’s shown he can recruit at a high level, so let’s see what he can do.

Do I think the Spartans are going to flip Moore? No, but I do like the aggressiveness of getting back into the race and maybe pitching him something he’ll have to think long and hard about.

Get him on campus one more time before signing day and hope that Dillingham takes a job elsewhere and there’s a legit shot here. Until then, there’s a slim chance. But recruiting experts love the move and so do I.