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How to navigate Spartan Shadows

Welcome to the latest — and hopefully greatest — site dedicated to bringing you the best Michigan State athletics coverage and opinions. Here at Spartan Shadows, I (Connor Muldowney) will work hard to bring you the freshest and most interesting takes on all things MSU.

I’ve written about Michigan State for eight years for FanSided’s Spartan Avenue and I’ve also been the site expert of the same network’s college football blog, Saturday Blitz. After being approached by the Full Ride Network, I’ve bought in to one of the most exciting new platforms in the sports blogging industry. With the network’s help, I’m launching Spartan Shadows as a co-owner with one goal in mind: providing the best free MSU content out there.

If you’ve followed my work at Spartan Avenue (where I’ll still be plugging away), you can expect more of the same, but with a more hands-on approach. I’ll be professional and timely, but everything I write is from the perspective of a Michigan State fan.

Along with launching this site which will focus mostly on football and men’s basketball with expansion into more sports on the menu eventually, I’ll also be doing a weekly podcast with Spartan legend Eric Snow. It’ll be called Bleav in Michigan State as part of the Bleav (pronounced believe) Network. We will do our best to bring you in-depth coverage of Michigan State football and basketball from both a fan’s and former player’s perspective. This is a formula that I believe will resonate with Spartan fans. Oh, and there may just be some cool guests joining the show.

As for how to navigate Spartan Shadows, here is a quick summary:

“Basketball” and “Football” have their own specific tabs on the header with these categories: articles, recruiting, depth chart, and schedule. The articles will populate from newest to oldest, we will be covering plenty of recruiting-related stories, the depth chart will be updated closer to the season, and the same goes for the schedule which will also have preview and post-game articles linked to each game.

The third tab is for “More Sports” and it’ll be broken into four groups: recruiting, fall, winter, and spring. This tab is for non-football/basketball posts.

The “Database” section highlights player profiles that you can eventually search and it’ll include each player’s name, weight, height, position, class, hometown, and high school recruiting rankings. We will continue to add more players over time, so bear with us as this feature will be incredibly unique and helpful for the average fan.

Our “Podcast” tab will be where you can find all of our episodes of Bleav in Michigan State with Eric Snow and myself. We will begin taping sometime before the football season, so keep an eye on that section.

The “Social Network” tab is also a cool feature that you won’t find in many other places as it features Spartan fan and Spartan media sections which provide the best accounts to follow on social media pages with links to each. More will always be added.

If you’re looking for a new forum with game threads and discussion boards, that’s where “Dawg Kennel” comes into play. The term “dawg” is prominent at MSU because of the whole “Spartan Dawg” nickname so that’s kind of the inspiration behind that. When you’re in there, feel free to connect with other fans, vent, or just share your thoughts on games and news. Game days in the Kennel will be fun.

We don’t have any merchandise yet, but the “Merch” tab will be worth monitoring down the line.

The Free To Join button is necessary to complete if you want to comment on articles and posts. While everything on the site is free and you can read without joining, if you want to comment and interact with other fans in a respectful manner on articles, you’ll need to fill out this quick form.

Member login is where you can manage your user profile.

Other features include my Twitter feed on the right side of the page — which I promise to keep interesting — as well as a trending section on the right side as well which will eventually update and show which stories are catching the most attention on any given day. On the bottom of the page are links to our social media pages for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and our podcast page on Bleav.

Thank you so much for joining the ride and reading Spartan Shadows which will hopefully be your go-to spot for Michigan State news and opinions. As our community grows, so will the site and we will see plenty of innovative updates as we aim to become your new home for MSU sports.

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