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Draymond Green takes subtle shot at Jordan Poole (Video)

OK, this was funny.



Draymond Green
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Jordan Poole was just traded by the Warriors to the Wizards and Golden State re-signed Draymond Green. And he’s having some fun.

It’s no secret that former Michigan State star Draymond Green is one of the NBA’s biggest personalities. Unless you’re a Warriors or Spartan fan, there’s a good chance you hate Draymond.

Last offseason, there were probably some Warrior fans who hated Draymond after a lapse of judgment led to him throwing a punch at Jordan Poole’s face. Many believed that this would be the end of an era and that Draymond might be on his way out. The chemistry seemed to be ruined and Draymond and his teammates admitted that he had to earn the team’s trust back.

Something just seemed off when he came back to the team. The chemistry was not quite the same but things finally started to gel and the Warriors made the playoff as a dangerous team.

All along, though, Draymond and Poole just seemed like they were walking on eggshells around each other.

Well, it seems as if Draymond didn’t truly want to play with Poole after that. The Warriors decided to retain Green and let Poole go to Washington to free up some cap space. They chose Draymond.

That only happened last week, but Green is already having some fun with it.

In fact, he took a subtle shot at his former teammate (and former Michigan star).

There’s a trend on TikTok in which you’re given a blank starting lineup and it randomly picks a team for you to choose a player from. You go by position and each one is from a different team. Draymond picked Darius Garland as his point guard and Lauri Markkanen as his small forward, leaving three positions open. The random generator then gave him the Wizards with a glaring hole at his shooting guard position.

Instead of taking Poole as his shooting guard from a depleted Wizards team, he responded with “who’s still on the Washington team?” before choosing Kyle Kuzma at power forward.

Shots fired.

Was he just messing around? Maybe. But it doesn’t seem like he’s inviting Poole to any future birthday parties. It could’ve just been a joke, but the evil laugh before the selection is giving ‘this is personal’ vibes.

Either way, this was pretty funny. Never a dull moment with Draymond.

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