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Former MSU star Kirk Cousins shines in Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’

Everyone seems to love Kirk.



Kirk Cousins
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Former Michigan State star Kirk Cousins is one of the key figures in Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ and he’s quickly gaining fans.

The show ‘Quarterback’ on Netflix was released recently and has been getting some really good online reviews. With a similar feeling to the HBO show ‘Hard Knocks’, ‘Quarterback’ follows the lives of NFL quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes, Marcus Mariota, and Michigan State’s very own Kirk Cousins.

ChopMan, what stands out?

The end of the series focuses much more on Mahomes and Cousins after Mariota is benched with four games to go in the season. As I tweeted earlier, we definitely saw Mahomes’ stock drop while Cousins quickly became a fan favorite. For some reason, Mahomes rubs me the wrong way. Not to say I don’t like the guy. I think I just like him a little less. On the other hand, I not only have a new found appreciation for Cousins as a Spartan alum but also respect the heck out of how good of a person he genuinely is.

The king of Kohls cash

Now I’m not the first person to make a joke about Kirk Cousins’ wardrobe and how it appears he picks up his clothes on discount using Kohls cash. But I will take credit for calling him the King of Kohls Cash. When you learn more about his personality, though, it becomes weird to think of him dressing any different than a Midwestern dad in his mid-40s.

The show highlights three things really important things about Kirk.

  1. The dude works extremely hard and conducts his business like a professional.
  2. He has a quirkiness to him that one would not expect from someone who plays such a violent game.
  3. He’s a true family man and authentically gives back to the community.

Cousins takes Tuesdays completely off during the season and spends time on those days reading and replying to fan mail. He volunteers at soup kitchens, and engages with fans with medical ailments.

You’re probably saying to yourself ‘But ChopMan, doesn’t every quarterback do that?’ The answer is yes, but no one does it with the same authenticity as Kirk. Cousins actually made me tear up at one point with how touching he can be.

From being the ‘you like that guy’ to wearing every teammate’s chain on the flight home from London, Cousins has shot to the top of my favorite NFL players and I hope he wins a Super Bowl soon (after the Lions, of course).

– Chop

Lover of pancakes, coffee and Dairy Queen. Nothing I say should be taken seriously. If you have any complaints, please reach out to my mom. SD4L.


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