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ChopMan explains how to get jacked like Nathan Carter

How can we get like Nathan Carter?



Nathan Carter
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Nathan Carter is a freak of nature and ChopMan explains how to become him with a strength and conditioning routine.

Just to lay it out there, I am a self-proclaimed expert on numerous topics, and strength/conditioning is one of them. The transfer portal has always been one of my favorite players for Michigan State (?) and this offseason, the portal got busy bringing in UConn transfer Nathan Carter. Although he has yet to play a snap for the Spartans, he has become beloved by many hardcore fans simply because of his build.

When I say this man is jacked, I mean he can literally move mountains. I hope that he can use that strength to move the football over the goal line 20-plus times this upcoming season.

Like many of you, Chop would do anything to look like Carter. I’ve always claimed I would sign up for whatever programming he’s on (maybe I should just join the team). Since I am a keyboard warrior and YouTube student, here are the keys I think it takes to become a beast like Nathan Carter.

  1. CARBS:
    1. Carbs are an energy source for the body. You need the energy in order to train intensely enough to break down your muscle fibers.
    2. CONCLUSION: The more beer you drink (responsibly) during tailgates will lead to the energy level needed to reach your goals. Don’t argue with me, this is science.
    1. You need to be eating more calories than your body burns in order to put on the weight you’re looking for. You can find your maintenance calories using a TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) calculator and then eat more than that number.
    2. CONCLUSION: For many, eating in bulk can be challenging therefore it is key to eat plenty of calorically dense foods to reach your calorie goal. Spartans need to eat as many Melting Moments ice cream cookies as possible at MSU sporting events.
    1. Each week you need to be lifting more volume than you did the week prior. This stimulates muscle growth and signals the body it needs to produce more muscle to adapt to the new weight.
    2. CONCLUSION: Every Spartan should be tracking the number of tweets they send in a week and set the goal to tweet more than that number. A surplus of tweeting will strengthen the fingers to the desired state.
  4. SLEEP
    1. Don’t let these fitness influencers fool you. You don’t need to sleep. Sleep when you’re dead or after celebrating MSU’s next national title. This gives you more time to get reps in (tweets).
    2. CONCLUSION: Stay up late. Don’t sleep. Go down that Twitter wormhole at 3 a.m. and consume as much content as possible. Twitter reps are your friend.
    1. Protein is the building block to repair the muscle tissue you break down while working out. Hitting your protein goal might be the most important part of this process to build muscle.
    2. CONCLUSION: Opponent’s tears are very high in protein (look it up). You need to consume the tears of our enemies as often as possible. Beat Michigan. Beat OSU. Beat that random player that has a career night against your basketball team.

With all that being said, this is the official blueprint to match Nathan Carter’s strength and size. And if that is too much info for you, here are the keys summarized:

  • Drink beer (responsibly)
  • Eat Melting Moments ice cream sandwiches
  • Tweet more
  • Tweet often
  • Consume the tears of our enemies

As a general disclaimer, I am not a registered dietitian or personal trainer. I encourage all of you to jump on this program. I expect Spartan Stadium to be packed with burley men and women ready to cheer for our football team this fall.

Stay Spartan Strong,

Lover of pancakes, coffee and Dairy Queen. Nothing I say should be taken seriously. If you have any complaints, please reach out to my mom. SD4L.


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