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Jaden Akins says Coen Carr is the best athlete he’s seen with his own eyes

Who isn’t impressed with this kid?



Coen Carr
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Jaden Akins had some glowing praise for Coen Carr and his elite athleticism. He said that he’s the best athlete he’s ever played with.

We are a few weeks into Moneyball and Coen Carr is already standing out.

It didn’t take long for the freshman to make a name for himself not only within the Michigan State fanbase, but on a national level. His dunks have been all over social media and everyone is raving about his athleticism.

Carr is an elite athlete but he did admit to 247Sports’ Stephen Brooks that he has more to his game. He’s excited to show fans just why he believes that dunking may be his best asset, but there’s more he’ll be known for. I, too, am excited to see him grow as an all-around player in the green and white.

But, like I said, dunking is his best asset and everyone knows that. Teammates and coaches are already raving about him, including returning junior Jaden Akins.

After testing the draft waters, the athletic guard decided to return and team up with the No. 4 freshman class in the nation. And he’s seeing just what guys like Carr are capable of.

Akins has seen and played with a number of elite athletes, but he said that Carr takes the cake.

Note: Akins starts talking about Carr about seven seconds into the video shared by @PeachJames_.

While Akins had some glowing remarks about him, Carson Cooper also chimed in. He said that he pulls out some new move every day and laughed that he’s not human.

Malik Hall previously gushed about Carr during Moneyball after a between-the-legs dunk on a breakaway.

It’s not often you see this much praise and hype surrounding a player, let alone a true freshman who hasn’t even suited up yet. Coen Carr is going to be fun.

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