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Michigan State basketball: Steven Izzo denied new jersey number

I think we know why it was denied.



Michigan State basketball
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Steven Izzo wanted a new Michigan State basketball number and even sent in an official request but it was denied.

When players request a certain jersey number or get assigned one, that’s not typically newsworthy. The only time you really hear about this is, if a player is given permission from someone who had their number retired to don that jersey or if someone tries to wear a number that no one else has ever worn. In this situation, Michigan State basketball walk-on Steven Izzo tried to accomplish that second part.

With Steven being on the team for one last season, it was reported that he wanted to change his number to one that no basketball player has ever worn. Izzo wanted to be the first-ever college basketball player to wear No. 69.

This news has been all over social media as a college basketball player has never had the chance to wear this number. We have seen this number worn in other sports like football but never in basketball and Steven wanted to be the first one.

Outside of his last name, if he was able to wear this number, he would have been known all around college basketball for being the first player to ever get to wear it. While he put in an official request, it was denied by the program, most likely being his dad.

While Steven will still wear the No. 13 this season, being in the news for trying to switch your jersey number is something that does happen often but he’s getting national recognition for the bold request.