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Michigan State football, basketball, hockey can now sell alcohol

Adult beverages and MSU athletics? Yes, please.



Michigan State football

Governor Whitmer signed a bill on Tuesday that will allow alcohol sales for Michigan State football, basketball, and hockey games.

The new bill makes Michigan State and Michigan the 12th and 13th schools in the Big Ten to allow alcohol sales at major sporting events.  This is a huge development not only for Michigan State football, basketball, and hockey fans but for the teams, too, as the game day atmosphere might change.

ChopMan, why?

It appears the bill was approved for a couple different reasons. First, this allows the schools to generate additional revenue that can help improve student programs. Second, Governor Whitmer feels this will make game days safer for fans by reducing the number of pre-game incidents and decreases the need for fans to binge drink prior to kickoff/tip/puck drop.

ChopMan, what do you think?

I’ll start by saying I have mixed feelings about this new bill. Is it going to be awesome not having a hangover in the third quarter? Heck yes. Do I think it’s great a great way to help improve not only the game day atmosphere but also help funding for student programs? Heck yes (x2). But at the end of the day, I don’t think it will lower the amount of binge drinking or drinking incidents that happen on game days.

Let’s put it this way, when I was a college student, I had roughly 57 cents to my name at any given time. I know most college students don’t have a dad who’s a high level attorney or a mom who is a brain surgeon therefore I’d say most (not all) students don’t exactly have an unlimited budget. I have to imagine drinks during games are going to cost $11-$18 each. Back in my day, we were drinking Busch, Bud, and Keystone Light because you could get a 30 rack for the same price as two in-game beers (heck, they are practically giving away Bud Light nowadays). Students are still going to binge before heading into the stadium just to save on cost. As for alumni and other fans, cost of booze probably won’t make as much of a difference.

In regards to the experience inside the stadium. Could it heighten the tension between rival fans? Sure. But in all honesty, where there is a will there’s a way and people who want to booze during the game are going to find a way to drink regardless. Let’s just say waistbands are working double time on Saturdays. People will still be drinking the same amount, this time it won’t be breaking the rules.

ChopMan’s pros and cons


  • Higher attendance
  • Revenue for student programs
  • Probably less booze smuggling


  • Doesn’t change binge drinking among students
  • Probably no alleviation in fan hostility

If ChopMan were the governor, I would also pass a bill at the same time to provide magic gummies and pre rolls to counteract the effects of alcohol sales. Let everyone get riled up on light beer and then chill them out with a THC infused Melting Moment.


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