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Michigan State football: Family brought Nick Marsh back “home”

Nick Marsh is back where he belongs.



Michigan State football
© Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Nick Marsh’s mom and grandma were beaming with excitement when he committed to Michigan State football.

With the commitment made public and her grandson being interviewed by several people wanting the scoop of why the re-commitment to Michigan State football, Nick Marsh’s grandma, Karen, sat smiling, staring at her grandchild. The two share a special bond, and it’s obvious if you see them around each other for even a moment.

Spartan fans are well-aware of who Nick’s grandma is, and have even had the opportunity to see that bond. A video shared by Nick’s mom, Yolanda (MamaTron), showed off Karen and Nick dancing on the field at Spartan Stadium.

When asked about the video, Karen stated she “didn’t even know what Twitter was until that video” and had to ask the meaning of what “going viral” was. But the video shows her and Nick “being themselves, having fun.”

As for Nick’s choice of Michigan State, she knew this was the right fit for him.

“They treat Nick so great there,” she said. “The visit was just wonderful. And I’m so happy he chose there.”

It helps that the location will allow her to attend his games as well.

What is the newly nicknamed GrandmaTron looking forward to next? First, her grandson’s senior season at River Rouge. Then she can’t wait to be able to tailgate with MSU fans once Nick joins the Spartan football team. I’m sure the invites her way will be aplenty, as we all have seen she will be bringing some good times with her to East Lansing.