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Michigan State football: It’s important to stick by this team

Tough loss, but not the end.



Michigan State football
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Michigan State football didn’t quite play the game any of us expected, but we have to remember not to give up on these kids.

This game obviously didn’t go the way any of us Michigan State football fans wanted. But it’s important to remember they’re just kids at the end of the day.

Kids who had major distractions thrown at them when former head coach Mel Tucker became the subject of a sexual harassment investigation. It’s hard to imagine this game going too much different had the distractions never come to fruition. And we’ll never truly know the impact they had on the team as a whole. But what we do know is that Tucker’s mistakes were not fair to this team at all and did take away from what was most important.

While the result may have been similar had Tucker never created this mess, it didn’t help that he was a reason there was a whirlwind of emotions flowing through the football building all week.

And it was clear that it affected these guys on Saturday, at least a little bit.

Still, this team went out there and played hard for 60 minutes, despite all the distractions. So no matter how upset or mad we get at the results. We need to stand behind these Spartans now more than ever

Go Green forever.