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Michigan State football: Katin Houser vs. Mullet Thorne

Payton Thorne is one thing. Mullet Thorne is another.



Michigan State football
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There’s a healthy quarterback competition brewing for Michigan State football this spring. Katin Houser vs. Mullet Thorne.

Here’s the deal: by no means do I have the expertise to give a credible comment on the Michigan State football quarterback battle. What I can do is highlight the most important factor from a Chop’s perspective.

If you’re unaware, the staff has announced that there will be an open quarterback battle for the starting position. There was plenty of controversy this past season in regards to who should be playing. Do you give Payton Thorne time to get his feet back underneath him or let the young gun, Katin Houser, get quality reps in?

Although, the 2021 season with MSU going 11-2 and a Peach Bowl win could not have been done without Kenneth Walker III, there is a player people often forgotten who was a crucial contributor.

You’re probably thinking I’m about to make the case for Jayden Reed or Jalen Nailor or even Xavier Henderson. Wrong. The second most important player to that season was Mullet Thorne.  No, not Payton Thorne. Mullet Thorne.

Mullet Thorne

vis MSU athletics

Obviously, Thorne struggled in 2022 and plenty of people are attributing the decline to poor coaching and the loss of K9. I happen to think it is because he changed his hairstyle. In 2021, Thorne sported a mullet. In 2022, Thorne did not. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The mullet oozes confidence and let’s opposing teams know you won’t let off the gas. The LinkedIn profile hair cut doesn’t have the same effect.

I’m really excited to have a true quarterback battle this year between Katin Houser, Payton Thorne, Noah Kim, and others.

To Chop, there are three potential outcomes at quarterback:

  • Houser wins the job and becomes the superstar we all expect him to be
  • Thorne wins through his experience and seniority
  • Mullet Thorne beats out both Houser and Payton

I think as long as the result isn’t No. 2, Michigan State football is going to right the ship and improve upon last year’s 5-7 season.

ChopMan’s predictions based on quarterback battle results:

  • Katin Houser: 8-4
  • Patyon Thorne: 6-6
  • Mullet Thorne: 15-0 + a national championship

I think we need to all be praying that Thorne’s barber takes one for the team and cuts a mullet no matter what he asks for. He/she would deserve a ring for that kind of sacrifice.

Happy Master’s Week,

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