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Michigan State football: Maliq Carr is just a massive target now

Maliq Carr is somehow still growing.



Michigan State football

Michigan State football veteran Maliq Carr was already a big tight end, but he has grown even more this offseason.

Michigan State football season is right around the corner and we’re still gathering new info on guys like Maliq Carr.

Have you seen this meme floating around social media during the offseason?

Obviously, it’s a clear joke, and multiple fanbases have posted the same meme about one of their players growing a ton this offseason. But Michigan State football fans could use this to describe Maliq Carr this offseason and it wouldn’t be far from the truth.

In fact, Carr has grown a ton this offseason. According to MSU’s official site, Carr stands 6-foot-5 and weighs in at 260 pounds, but he’s even bigger than that now. He was already a monster target for the Spartans, and now he’s even more massive.

According to Chris Solari, Carr has grown two inches and has gained 12 pounds.

While tight ends coach Ted Gilmore wants him to lose about seven pounds to get back down to 265, he’s apparently still moving very well for his size. Dropping seven pounds shouldn’t be an issue for Carr who has shaped his body a ton throughout his career. This new size is only going to help him against Big Ten linebackers in coverage. He’s going to have a size advantage over everyone trying to guard him.

Carr was already a really big tight end with plenty of athleticism, but now he’s even bigger and carries the weight well. Also, can we talk about him growing two inches this offseason? That’s insane.

Michigan State will need some targets to step up and help whoever is named the new QB1. Whether it’s Katin Houser or Noah Kim, they’re going to need a reliable, yet massive, target who can move the sticks with regularity. Carr looks like he’s going to be that guy.

Tre Mosley and Montorie Foster Jr. are the veteran pass-catching options, but Carr can be added to that group. There should be plenty of optimism regarding the receiving corps and tight ends this season.

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