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Michigan State football: Noah Kim wins award after solid Week 1

A solid first start is earning some recognition.



Michigan State football

Noah Kim had a solid first start for Michigan State football and he took home an award because of his performance.

After Noah Kim’s 289-yard, two-touchdown performance last week against Central Michigan, the Michigan State football QB1 was named the Washington Metro College Player of the Week. This is an award given to a collegiate player from a local DC high school or a college player that plays locally.

This is Noah’s first real opportunity to win this award and after his first half performance, he probably wouldn’t have won it. The reason why he did win it was because of what he did on his last two drives of the first half and the whole second half.

For the majority of the first half, the offense did not click. There were players dropping balls, tough throws being made and the offensive line wasn’t getting a push. Once Michigan State went up tempo, this started to change.

You could see the confidence grow as Kim kept making every throw even when he still had a few receivers dropping the ball. He didn’t let that stop him and kept pushing forward, leading to 289 yards passing. He isn’t just a confident quarterback, he’s also a winner. That showed in high school when he only lost two games and won the DC Touchdown Club Virginia High School Player of the Year.

Kim hasn’t had the chance before now to show what he has at Michigan State but winning this award and a player of the year award for the state of Virginia, you can definitely see why he’s getting his opportunity to play.