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Michigan State Football: Drake album drop is good luck charm for Spartans

Something to monitor.



Michigan State football
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Believe it or not, whenever Drake drops a new album, Michigan State football is undefeated in the following game.

Before the season begins, football fans will try to find every reason for their team to win each game. Some of these reasons are more about belief but other reasons are backed by data. While most Michigan State football fans believe they will beat Central Michigan, Justin Thind proved today that this statment and belief is backed by data.

This data is the date of a Drake album release.

Drake will be releasing his new album called “For All the Dogs” on Aug. 25. This is one week before Michigan State plays its first game of the season against Central. You may ask, what is the relation between Michigan State football and Drake releasing an album? This has happened 11 times in the past and every time Drake has released an album, Michigan State has won its next football game. Some of these games included playing Iowa, Notre Dame, Central Michigan, and Illinois.

While most fans don’t need a Drake release date to have belief that Michigan State can win this game, it does show that Michigan State will be in a good position to beat Central Michigan.

Not only is it important for Michigan State to get off to a 1-0 start in the season, it is important to keep this undefeated streak the next game after a Drake album gets released. If you were even questioning that Central Michigan could win this game, now you have data to prove that Michigan State will win, not just belief because the Spartans are the better team.