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Popular CFB Twitter account may be a secret Michigan State football fan

This would be a shocking turn of events



Michigan State football
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While Big Game Boomer has been open about his Oklahoma fandom, I think he may be a secret Michigan State football fan.

A popular college football Twitter account may be a secret Michigan State football fan and I’m just now realizing it.

On Twitter, Big Game Boomer (@BigGameBoomer) is a college sports account that has made a name for himself by creating lists. Literally lists of anything: best college bars, top linebackers in the Big Ten, even ranking mascots. If you can name it, there is probably a BGB list for it. Real recognize real and he’s done an awesome job of driving engagement through these lists.

I’ve been following BGB for the last year and a half. I agree with some of his content and disagree with others but I’ve picked up on a pattern recently that has really made me think.

As a noted Oklahoma Sooner, Big Game Boomer, tries to be as unbiased as possible which I actually think he does a solid job of.  Heading into 2023, he has been releasing his lists for ‘Top *insert anything* heading into the season’ and I have noticed something very interesting. Not only is he very high on the school down the road (his ceiling 12-0, floor 12-0) but it is almost like he is avoiding Michigan State football on purpose.

I am such a superfan of Michigan State that, yes, I am ignorant to certain thoughts. But do I actually believe the Michigan State football secondary should even sniff the top half of a ranking? Heck no. What’s interesting is that MSU’s defensive line and not a single defensive lineman has been ranked in any sort of lists. Most improved offensive line? Nope. Best linebacking group? Nowhere mentioned.

What makes this phenomenon even more interesting, is how much faith BGB has in Michigan. Based on what he’s shared, one would think he’s pegged the 2023 Wolverines as the greatest team in college football history.

Based on his purposeful omission of MSU and apparent ‘love’ for Michigan I have developed a theory. BGB is a secret Michigan State fan and is building the greatest reverse jinx to ever grace the sport. If one’s entire online bit was ranking things, someone who is superstitious would certainly omit their favorite team from said lists and jinx the heck out of their rival (Michigan).

Just keep an eye out for this heading into the season. And if BGB jumps on the Mel Tucker bandwagon, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you’re a real one, you’ll comment ‘nice MSU reverse jinx’ under every list moving forward.

Thank you,
Conspiracy ChopMan

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