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Michigan State football: Ranking home games needing the most “Spirit”

Thank you, Michigan Senate.



Michigan State football
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Now that alcohol will be served at Michigan State football games as soon as this fall, which home games need it the most?

This morning, the Michigan Senate voted to approve a bill allowing alcohol sales in university stadiums in the state. It’s safe to say Michigan State football fans are happy.

If everyone can get their ducks in a row, there is a chance that the inaugural Sparty Spirits season is only a few months away. After last season’s 5-7 campaign, there are plenty of reasons to reach for a drink.

Here is my ranking of Michigan State football home games and their need for adult beverages.

6. Saturday, Sept. 9 – Richmond Spiders

Michigan State’s second home game of the season comes at the bottom of this list mostly due to a combination of opponent and kickoff time. An FCS opponent with kickoff starting in the hottest part of the day does not inspire one to reach for a cold one – just get enough to keep the buzz going until the night time temps cool off the day.

5. Saturday, Nov. 4 – Nebraska Cornhuskers

The matchup with the Fighting Matt Rhules in what in all likelihood will serve as Senior Day for Michigan State comes in next on the list. In MSU’s ninth game of the season, this game could be the potential bowl berth game. Other than that there are a lot of unknowns in this matchup, but I think those are two pretty good reasons to have a drink. Let’s have a day, seniors.

4. Saturday, Sept. 23 – Maryland Terrapins

Homecoming SZN, baby. The Terrapins coming to town signal the final game in MSU’s homestand to open the first month of the season. There are a couple of simple reasons this game needs more drinks than the Nebraska game, the weather, and the level of optimism. It’s still “early” enough in the season to say that they have everything in front of them, and it’ll be a warm late September showdown in East Lansing. I’ll drink to that.

3. Friday, Sept. 1 – Central Michigan Chippewas

The first beer (legally) poured inside of Spartan Stadium may as well be put into a glass display on the concourse in honor of every smuggled can, bottle, shooter, water bottle filled with pomegranate Burnett’s tucked into the waist of a 19-year-old that came before it. Only God herself would be worthy of tasting it.

The Friday night game is one of the best traditions at MSU, whether you’re a student or alumni tailgating. It truly is one of the best days to be on campus. The season opener is already a celebration and adding the ability to continue the celebration well after the ball is kicked would blow the metaphorical roof off of Spartan Stadium

2.  Saturday, Sept. 16 – Washington Huskies

It’s always five o’clock somewhere. But in East Lansing, That time means more than just cracking open your favorite adult beverage, but signals the time where the Spartans attempt to shock the country and upset the Huskies.

This game will most likely be the annual “Stripe the Stadium” game, unless there is a new stadium tradition ushered in 2023 (blackout, please?). I have no reason to feel the level of confidence I have about this, but this game is already giving me 2015 vs. Oregon vibes, which was one of the greatest games I’ve ever attended personally. To be able to maintain your levels in an environment like that will do wonders in making the Woodshed one of the most hostile environments in college football.

1. Saturday, Oct. 21 – Michigan Wolverines

Speaking of hostile. I honestly believe the legislature contemplated filing an addendum to the bill to bar (get it) alcohol for this game. East Lansing will be a powder keg, with one side coming into town already claiming their national title, and the other stewing over frustrations from how the 2022 season unfolded. The hate is already palpable on these Saturdays, and the game will surely be a bar fight, regardless of who comes out as the winner.

Personally, the best way to watch a bar fight is by washing down a beer, two beers, three beers, a shot of whisky, a margarita, and a Bloody Mary.

Stock up on your Pedialyte and your ibuprofen. You’re going to need it.