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Watch the Coen Carr dunks from first night of Moneyball (Video)

Get used to seeing this at the Breslin Center.



Coen Carr
© Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Coen Carr is just an absolute freak and Michigan State fans got to see that up close at Moneyball on Thursday night.

Michigan State fans got their first taste of the highly-touted freshman class on Thursday night.

The Holt High School gym was packed with fans from around the area who were craving just a taste of Spartan hoops. Coen Carr, Xavier Booker, Jeremy Fears, and Gehrig Normand all took the floor for the first time publicly and fans were not let down.

Booker received rave reviews for his rim-running ability, Fears flashed his leadership and athleticism at the point guard position, Normand showed his shooting touch, and Carr, well, showcased his freak athleticism that we’ve all heard so much about.

To no one’s surprise, Carr wowed the crowd at Holt High.

Local sports reporter Tyler Driesenga posted a one-minute video of all the ferocious Carr slams on Thursday night. And it didn’t disappoint.

Are you excited to see him in green and white yet? How can you not be?

Carr was one of the fastest-rising prospects in the 2023 class, going from the 60-70 range all the way up to No. 33 in the final composite. He was a borderline five-star recruit when it was all said and done.

The bag that the incoming power forward brings to the table is incredible. He can throw down between the legs in live game action, he can windmill, he can take off from the free throw line, he can 360, and he can be eye level with the rim and make it look easy. Carr may just be the most impressive athlete to ever make his way to East Lansing and that includes Shannon Brown, Jason Richardson, and Miles Bridges.

Excitement around this young freshman is building and it’s only going to get more intense as he continues to put on a show at the Moneyball Pro-Am.

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