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Draymond Green makes the Warriors annual NBA title contenders

Draymond has a big decision to make.



Draymond Green
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Draymond Green has a big decision to make this offseason but he makes the Warriors annual NBA title contenders.

You may like Draymond Green or you may not, depending on which teams you cheer for. For the majority of the people reading this article, you are probably a huge Draymond fan as he is one of the biggest stars Michigan State has in the NBA.

While some people might not think Draymond is a star in the NBA, people underestimate how important he is to his team. Many people will say Steph Curry is the most important player on the Warriors and he probably is but Draymond is a big reason for the Warriors’ success.

You don’t even have to take my word for it, just ask his Coach Steve Kerr who said, “If Draymond’s not back, we’re not a championship contender.”

This quote tells you everything that you need to know about Draymond’s contributions to the Warriors. Kerr could probably make that statement about one, maybe two more players on the Golden State Warriors.

Statistically, Draymond is not going to stand out compared to other teammates of his but sometimes stats don’t show the whole picture. He is one of those players that will not score 30-plus points but what he will give you is a solid 10 points, seven assists, and eight rebounds.

Not only does Draymond do it all on the offensive end like setting screens and contributing to other teammates’ opportunities, but he also does it on the defensive end. Draymond is one of the elite defenders in the NBA and when the Warriors are dominating, it’s because he is playing great defense and getting his teammates open shots.

Draymond is the type of player you want on your team but not on the other team. He might get ejected or receive technicals, but he is someone that can easily get a team going. Green is one of the keys to what the Warriors do and if they want to keep their dynasty going, it would be smart for them to bring him back.

If they don’t, it would be fun to see Draymond come back to the state of Michigan and play for the Pistons.


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