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Even Malik Hall is amazed by Coen Carr and his Moneyball dunks

It’s not often you see Malik Hall speechless.



Coen Carr
© Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

Coen Carr had even more highlights on Thursday at Moneyball and even Malik Hall was left almost speechless.

It’s the slowest time of the summer with about a month and a half until football returns, but that means Moneyball is taking center stage for Michigan State fans. And that means more Coen Carr highlights.

After wowing the crowd last Thursday in his first public performance, Carr got back to work seven days later.

Per usual, he threw down impressive dunk after impressive dunk, flashing his elite athleticism for the crowd at Holt High School. One of his dunks caught the attention of Malik Hall, however. The senior forward, who announced his return for one more year this offseason, was almost speechless after watching a between-the-legs dunk. And yes, it was during live action.

Look, I get it, defense is optional at these things and you can even see defenders letting him blow by, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he threw down a between-the-legs dunk after driving to the basket. In a live game. In front of fans.

Leaving Hall speechless is something you don’t see often. He’s also an incredible athlete in his own regard so if even he’s amazed by Carr’s vicious throwdowns, you know they’re special. We may actually see Carr tear the roof off the Breslin Center this season with a between-the-legs dunk or a windmill or a 360 in a regular-season game. Can you imagine what would happen to the Izzon in that scenario? It would cause an earthquake.

The athleticism of Michigan State this year is going to be something special. We already know what Hall can do when he’s healthy and then you add arguably the best athlete Izzo has ever landed in Carr along with Xavier Booker and Jaden Akins. This will be one of the most versatile teams in the country.

Anyway, Carr is a freak and Malik Hall agrees.

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