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Mark Dantonio rumored to be rejoining coaching staff

This would be great.



Mark Dantonio

Following a horrible situation involving Mel Tucker, it seems as if Mark Dantonio may be rejoining the coaching staff.

What a situation Michigan State currently finds itself in.

Just weeks after the start of the 2023 season, the Spartans are scrambling to do damage control after news broke about Mel Tucker’s involvement in a sexual harassment case late on Saturday night. It sounds like a familiar face may be swooping in to be an adult in the room and help save the day for the Spartans: Mark Dantonio.

Michigan State fans had been floating the idea of bringing Dantonio back to help out for the remainder of the season but the consensus opinion was that he probably wouldn’t want the hassle. He retired for a reason so why would he want to come back and put unnecessary stress on himself? Well, it sounds like he wants to help out.

I was shocked to see the original tweet from MSU Chief of Propaganda because that’s the best-case scenario regarding the remaining staff and he would immediately bring some stability to an ugly situation.

Dantonio is familiar with some of the players still on the current roster as he recruited some of the upperclassmen, including starting quarterback Noah Kim, and he’s well-respected by pretty much everyone.

A lot of fans, including myself, have had a tough time forgiving Dantonio for how he left the program before the 2020 season, but if he can join this staff and bring some stability to a very unstable situation, forgiveness would be easy. The legendary head coach would find himself back in the good graces of just about everyone around the program.

Michigan State is getting set to hold a press conference at 5 p.m. ET likely to name an interim head coach and potentially announce that Mark Dantonio is coming back to help out.

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