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University to hold press conference addressing Michigan State football

Big press conference happening tonight.



Michigan State football

The Michigan State football program is the topic of conversation today and the university will hold a press conference at 5 p.m.

As we all know by now, there’s a massive elephant in the room at the Michigan State football building.

News broke on Saturday night regarding a sexual harassment case that Mel Tucker was the subject of and another report came out with details. And none of it looked good for Tucker and his future with Michigan State.

Calls for him to step down immediately rang down from the fanbase and the university is getting ready to address the media on Sunday night as Matt Wenzel revealed that there will be a press conference at 5 p.m. ET.

This is a huge development because it could mean a couple of things.

One, this could mean that the program is ready to make a decision regarding the future of Tucker. It could mean just a suspension until the court hearing in October reveals the details of the investigation. That would be my guess — I’d be shocked if he was fired today, but I can see him being suspended indefinitely. And two, it will likely mean that an interim head coach will be named.

There are plenty of options for the interim head coach of the Spartans. It could be one of the two coordinators, Scottie Hazelton or Jay Johnson, or a guy like Courtney Hawkins who, in my opinion, is the most valuable coach on the staff. However, my realistic pick would be Chris Kaqpilovic who is the associate head coach. Harlon Barnett could be an option, too, according to this tweet from MSU Chief of Propaganda and confirmed by Corey Robinson.

Either way, we’re going to get more clarity from the university and athletic program regarding Michigan State football here in the next couple of hours.

We’ll keep you posted with updates as soon as they come out. Things are about to happen quickly.

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