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Michigan State basketball vs. K-State: What the Chopalytics are saying

What do the Chopalytics say about Thursday’s game?



Michigan State basketball

In the new series ‘what the Chopalytics are saying’, I dissect the top storylines for the Kansas State vs. Michigan State basketball game.

In continuation of my newly dubbed series ‘What the Chopalytics are saying’, I have found that the Chopalytics are never wrong. Because of that, you are all fortunate enough (not really) to get to read a second addition as Michigan State basketball takes on the Kansas State Wildcats on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. ET.

From Chop’s perspective, here are the most important storylines to follow:

  • K-State’s lavender might be the best color in college basketball
    • The Wildcats beat Kentucky in the round of 32 and while watching that game, I couldn’t take my eyes off the lavender pullovers the team/staff were wearing. I had no clue a color could rival UNC’s powder blue (or MSU’s green obviously). Those things were absolutely popping off the screen.
      • ChopMan’s updated color power rankings:
        • MSU’s green (duh)
        • North Carolina’s powder blue
        • Kansas State’s lavender
    • It’s a good thing the outcome of the game is not determined by the color of the jersey 
Mady Sissoko

© Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

  • Mady Sissoko is an angel
    • If you follow me on Twitter (@ChopManMSU), you’ll know that seeing Mady Sissoko emotional after the win also made me emotional. Yes, I cried in front of ChopWoman’s parents for the first time (they’ll see it again if/when she becomes Mrs. ChopWoman).
    • Sissoko’s story is nothing short of unbelievable. He grew up in Mali where he was discovered by a basketball coach from Utah and made the move to the USA to play. At Michigan State, Mady pledged to donate his NIL money to help impoverished people in native Mali. A sacrifice not many college students would make. Applause for Mady, please. A true angel sent from heaven.
    • After a breakout first game against Gonzaga in the Armed Forces Classic, Mady got a lot of criticism from the fanbase. That all changed with about five minutes left in the Round of 32 against Marquette where he had two game-altering blocks in the final minutes.
Tom Izzo

via Big Ten Network

  •  Izzo: No suit, no problem
    • In my last piece prior to the USC game, the Chopalytics told us that Tom Izzo needed to bring the suit back. Were the Chopalytics wrong? Maybe, but we will never admit that. However, it is clear that we can always blame a suit-less Izzo in the case of a loss.
    • I know many of you are dying to know my prediction for Izzo’s wardrobe on Thursday (eye roll emoji) so here it is: Izzo comes out in a white quarter zip. Classic spartan emblem. Looking extra sharp.
    • Suit Izzo? Casual Izzo? Christmas sweater Izzo? Doesn’t matter. DAWGS BY 90.

K-State? More like L-State. The Chopalytics tell me the dawgs win 72-65 with the 3-ball finally starting to fall.

Thank you for reading, and all the typos and poorly-worded sentences I blame on the magic gummies.

Love you,

Lover of pancakes, coffee and Dairy Queen. Nothing I say should be taken seriously. If you have any complaints, please reach out to my mom. SD4L.


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