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Michigan State Basketball: This dunk vs. Alcorn State is being overlooked (Video)

Jeremy Fears can get up.



Michigan State basketball
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Sunday night was a dunk contest for Michigan State basketball and Jeremy Fears Jr.’s alley-oop is being overlooked.

I know what you’re probably thinking. Another Coen Carr highlight dunk? Not this time. Carr did have a couple monster dunks in the 81-49 Michigan State basketball win over Alcorn State on Sunday, but he was not involved in this one.

This play involved two other underclassmen, Tre Holloman and Jeremy Fears.

Holloman was on a breakaway with no defenders in sight. Instead of getting the easy two points for himself, he threw the ball off the glass for Fears to throw down the dunk.

Here’s the replay in case you missed it.

Holloman and Fears both had monster games

This dunk was impressive enough and raised many eyebrows. But Holloman and Fears both had very good games overall as well. With Tyson Walker out with a sickness, Holloman got the call to fill in for his starting position. What did Holloman do? He had a career high 17 points on a perfect 5-for-5 shooting from 3-point range and added five assists as well. I’d say that’s pretty good for your first start.

Jeremy Fears also had himself a well-rounded game. Fears also played extended minutes off the bench with Walker out. He poured in nine points on an efficient 4-for-5 shooting and added five assists and one rebound. Those are some impressive numbers for the freshman in only his fifth game as a Spartan.

These two are huge pieces this season

This is the exact game we needed from both Holloman and Fears on Sunday night. The win was never in doubt even with Tyson out, but this shows us what these two can bring the rest of the season. Holloman has already proven to be able to run the offense effectively with the second unit. But now he has shown to be a legit threat from 3-point range which opposing defenses will have to respect. This will open up a lot more opportunities for his teammates and the floor will open up a lot more with Holloman’s spacing he can provide.

Fears also showed what he can bring to the team as well. Jeremy will play a lot of minutes of the bench this year for us, mainly as a replacement for Walker and AJ Hoggard. His all around performance on Sunday shows that he too can be relied upon for quality minutes and as another scoring option, something our second unit has needed badly.

This dunk is impressive on its own, as it should be. The biggest takeaway for both Fears and Holloman however is the value they can bring to this team, especially when extended minutes are needed from both. The future of Michigan State basketball is very bright with these two.