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Michigan State football: 3 games in which the ‘Shadows’ uniforms could debut

When could we see these?



Michigan State football

Michigan State football has some new uniforms to debut this season. Which games could the ‘Shadows’ uniforms debut?

When the announcement was finally made that Michigan State football was getting new uniforms which included the ‘Shadows’ uniforms, the first question most people probably were thinking was, when will it wear these first?

There are three games that I believe these uniforms will be first worn and they are the three biggest games of the season. I will talk about why I think these three games could be the first in which these uniforms are worn and why one game has a higher chance of this happening than the others.

3. MSU vs. Penn State

This in my opinion is the least likely option but one that I could also see it happening. With this being the last game of the season, fans and even the players are hopeful the uniforms will be worn before it gets to this point but this is a possibility for a few reasons.

One of the biggest reasons this could happen is, it’s senior day. This could potentially be the senior’s last game wearing a Michigan State uniform and what better way to possibly go out than wearing the ‘Shadows’ uniforms for the first time? Another reason this might happen is because it’s in Detroit, the day after Thanksgiving against a most likely very good Penn State with all of college football paying attention to the game. There is a chance that going into this game Michigan State could be in a spoiler role and wearing these uniforms at Ford Field could attract fans.

2. MSU vs. Washington

If you want to make a statement at the beginning of the season, this is the time to wear the ‘Shadows’ uniforms. This is Michigan State’s third game of the year with a late kickoff and it is one of the biggest games of the season. Coming off a game when Michigan State struggled last year against Washington and the third game of a season that people think you might struggle, why not debut the new uniforms?

One of the reasons why this might not be the choice is because the game will be on Peacock but if that is not a concern for the athletic department and the coaching staff, this could be the game that Michigan State wears the ‘Shadows’ uniforms for the first time.

1. MSU vs. Michigan

In my opinion, this is the game that Michigan State has to wear the ‘Shadows’ uniforms for the first time. There does not need to be a long explanation as to why it should be this game. Just look at what Mark Dantonio and Mel Tucker said about the rivalry. As of right now, it is scheduled to be a late kickoff. There are going to be all eyes on this game especially with it being in East Lansing. Not only will it most likely be a late-night game, but doing this debut makes it a great opportunity to have fans wear black for the first time for football.

I don’t think fans need another reason to be excited for this game but wearing these uniforms with the whole stadium wearing black, that is going to be a game you will want to be at.

These three games are the most likely games that I think Michigan State football will wear the full ‘Shadows’ uniforms. I do think we will see times when Michigan State will wear either the black helmets, pants, or jerseys with either green or white but in these three games, the Spartans have to go full shadow uniforms for at least one of them.

If it was my choice, this would be an easy decision and that is to wear the ‘Shadows’ uniforms for the Michigan game.