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Meet Momma Hall, the MVP of Michigan State football Twitter

Jordan Hall’s mother has made a huge impression.



Michigan State football
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Meet “Momma Hall,” the mother of freshman linebacker Jordan Hall and current MVP of Michigan State football Twitter.

If you’re a Michigan State football fan that spends any amount of time on Twitter, you’ve likely seen the handiwork of Cyreeta Hall, better known as “Momma Hall.”

Momma Hall is the mother of Michigan State’s highly coveted freshman linebacker, Jordan Hall.

As a mother, it’s expected for Momma Hall to cheer on her own son, but her presence on Michigan State Twitter is much deeper than that. She can be seen tweeting encouraging messages to current players, welcoming new recruits, and communicating with families that are considering Michigan State. She truly does it all. She’s become a fan favorite because not only is she a supportive mother to her son, she’s a supportive mother to the entire program and university.

She has fully embodied what it means to be a part of Spartan Nation.

When players are considering which school they should attend, they usually aren’t making that decision alone. Their choice is typically based, in part, on the feedback of close family and friends. Players want to know how their skillset will mesh with the team, and how they’ll be utilized and developed. For parents though, they consider factors far beyond the field.

This perspective is part of what makes Momma Hall’s voice unique in Michigan State spaces. She speaks as a parent that has full confidence in the Michigan State staff and university.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Momma Hall and going beyond what we see on Twitter.

So, Michigan State fans, I introduce you to Momma Hall.

Who is Momma Hall? Tell us about yourself.

“Momma Hall is a mom. I’m my kids’ biggest supporter and advocate. I love supporting my children in all of their endeavors. I also love photography. I’ve been doing photography for over 15 years. I also love traveling anywhere to support my youngest playing football.”

As a parent, what made you feel comfortable with your son choosing Michigan State?

“I felt comfortable because he was comfortable. He would call me while he was there for unofficial visits and every time I talked to him he sounded so happy, he looked happy. I got to know some of the current players because they would always jump in our face time calls to say “hi.” He felt really comfortable there. They already made him feel like he was one of the brothers.”

What stood out to you personally about the Michigan State coaching staff during the recruiting process?

“I would definitely say how welcoming the whole staff was. They weren’t super pushy or overwhelming with information. They made us feel like we were the only family, not just like another recruit. They were really genuine. It wasn’t just one or two people on the staff, it was everybody. Everyone (on the staff) was the same. It wasn’t fake. It was super family oriented and genuine.”

You’re known for being a great recruiter on Twitter. Why do you choose to be so involved in this process?

“If I’m being completely transparent, I want student-athletes that are the same like-minded individuals like my son playing alongside him. I want student-athletes that are hungry, that have chips on their shoulders, that want to win, that have the same drive and energy, that have that same mentality and work ethic, etc. I’m forever looking at film, checking out Twitter and Instagram pages and I talk to my brother a lot. He’s who coached Jordan from the time he was six.

If I have a kid that I’m looking at, I run them by him to know who I want to put my name around. For me, it’s a personal preference. I’ve got to see if this kid really fits MSU’s mold. I think I have a pretty good sense of what they’re looking for and what they like. I want to be able to see if this kid has that dog mentality, does he have that it factor. If he does, then I’ll share or retweet what I see. I’m always doing my homework. I don’t get paid. I just really want someone that’s on the field with my son to have that same energy.”

What do you want Michigan State fans to know about your son?

“First and foremost, he’s human. He’s still a young athlete. He still has day-to-day things he goes through just like the next person. He doesn’t have superhuman powers. He’s still going to make mistakes. But he’s going to give his all. He’s going to give 110 percent to Michigan State’s program every single day.

If there was something that not a lot of people know about him it’s that he loves to fish and he loves coaching and teaching the game of football to little kids. Those are his passions.”

As a mother, in a time when fans have the ability to post whatever they want about players and the team, what would you say to fans regarding social media?

“Be mindful of what you post. Not only do the student-athletes see what you post, the parents see it as well. These student-athletes feed off the energy, whether it’s good or bad. Try to keep it positive. I know that we are a passionate group of people, we love football, we love MSU, we love the green and white but please try to keep it positive. We’re going to have the good, bad, and even worse days ahead but just be mindful of the words you choose to use. They see it. They may not see it that same day, but they see it. They’re on social media and some of that can be so hurtful.”

What would you say to the parents of a recruit that’s considering Michigan State?

“Talk to the other parents of the students that are already there (at Michigan State). Do a little searching around on the internet and look up any athlete’s mom or dad and just send them a message. Say ‘Hey we’re thinking about coming there and have a few questions, can I talk to you.’ See what they say. I did that. I reached out to a random parent and got the same response that MSU is family, you’ll never find a place like it. It made me feel good. It made me realize this is how these people really are. This isn’t fake. This is just how they are all the time.

I’ve often recommended recruits to visit other schools and then get back to me. I know some of the coaches cringe when I say that but that’s how much confidence I have in Michigan State and what we can offer. Not just in sports but also off the field, off campus, after they graduate. My son hasn’t played one down of football yet and that’s how much confidence and conviction I have in this program.

I’ve had three parents already come back to me and tell me I was right. Some of them had bad experiences like being forgotten at the airport, being served horrible food, not being shown around the campus. These are real people with real stories. These are kids that are seriously considering Michigan State. I just feel like, don’t be afraid. The proof is in the pudding. It’s in school, it’s in the people, it’s in the alumni, it’s in the coaches, and it’s in the kids.”

I want to give a huge thank you to Momma Hall for her time and for allowing me to explore her perspective.


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