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Michigan State football unveils new black jerseys (Photo)

These are fire.



Michigan State football
via @connormuldowney on Twitter

Michigan State football released three new jerseys for 2023 today at the “Thy Shadows” event, including a black concept.

After weeks of anticipation and rumors circulating, the Michigan State football program unveiled new jerseys on Friday.

Partnering with Nike per usual, the new jerseys will be used this upcoming season. Nike placed a lot of new technology into the jerseys and fans at the “Thy Shadows” event were thrilled to get the first glimpse of them.

Let’s break down the new changes.

Fans have been begging for a black jersey for years. Wait no more. On top of the new alternates, fans will see changes to the home green jerseys and road whites. Nike infused new technology into all jerseys. Here are the changes, per Matt Sheehan.

  • They are the first college football jerseys to be considered a true Dri-Fit material.
  • All jerseys will have the “Greek key” pattern on the sleeve to symbolize unity across all MSU athletics. The Greek key is famously seen on the basketball shorts in some uniform combos.
  • The team mantra of “relentless” is written on the inside of the collar on all jerseys.
  • The black helmet is the only one with its carbon variant in the country.
  • The MSU Football Twitter account release dubbed the black jerseys “The Shadows” uniform.
  • The Shadows uniforms will be in the regular rotation. Not a full alternate.

Seeing fan reactions from the jerseys really bring it home. Some of the lucky MSU Twitter members shared some up close pictures of them and I must say, they look awesome. Personally, I love the Shadows jerseys. Not just cause of the name and the fact you’re reading this on Spartan Shadows. I’ve been hoping for black jerseys for years now and this is awesome.

Here are some tweets from the people attending.

As if the hype train for this upcoming season wasn’t high enough, these should help. I think I’m speaking for quite a few people when I say, the season can’t get here soon enough.

Go Green!

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