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Michigan State football players already rallying around each other

Have to rally around these players, too.



Michigan State football
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Jaden Mangham heard the news about Mel Tucker and immediately had a rallying message for Michigan State football.

The news that hit social media late last night has finally gotten around to most of the Michigan State football players and Jaden Mangham posted a rallying message on Twitter (X) Sunday.

Obviously this is a hard pill to swallow for the players. No one wants to see the program in this situation and these guys didn’t sign up to be in the middle of a controversy or media firestorm. They’re here to play football and go to school and now they have to answer questions about their head coach doing something morally wrong.

It’s tough.

Most of the players who have posted on social media today are keeping their comments strictly about the team. Like Jaron Glover who posted “2-0” with a picture of him in the locker room with his teammates. He also reposted Mangham’s message — as did Jaren Mangham.

It’s great to see the players rallying around each other. This is a horrible situation and they truly don’t deserve this. They’re not letting the actions of one person ruin their season or the program. The program is bigger than just Mel Tucker. And it’s good that they realize that.

For the time being, all they’re going to have is each other — well, and the whole MSU community. They’re going to have to rely on each other and trust one another.

This is not a typical scenario that college athletes go through. This is far out of the ordinary and it wouldn’t be shocking to see some guys leave the program because of this. But for now, they’re supporting each other. They’re treating each other like family. And they should have the support of the entire Michigan State community.

It’s time to rally around these guys as they rally around each other.

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